Completed at last.

The tree house/playhouse is finally completed.

I made a couple of door handles today.

And I have used a very strong magnet from inside a computer to keep the door closed.

I have laid a carpet on floor downstairs and we have moved toys

And furniture in.

Upstairs I have lined the floor with sleeping mat so that it is comfortable to lay on, and we have put cushions up there.

We will see what the next project will be.

Heat wave continues

Today it is 36 degrees in the shade and the heat wave is forecasted to continue.

I was at the cabin last weekend to begin work building a new boat house.  It was very hot work indeed. I am using telegraph posts for the frame work, which I had to drag down to the lake.

dragging telegraph post

I have decided that instead of pulling down the old boat-house and building a new one, I will build the new boat-house inside the old one and use the old roof.

The water in the lake is very low at the moment, so it was easy to build the foundation using the telegraph posts. I am also using telegraph posts for the main roof supports.

boathouse foundation

When I was fishing on Saturday evening, there was a Beaver swimming around in the lake.  Unfortunately this is the best picture I could get.

beaver lapland

I had sweated a lot while working, so decided to was my clothes on Sunday.

washing clothes

I had no pegs to hang the clothes on a line, so I made some.  I cut some pieces of Bird Cherry, about 10cms long.  I bound some dental floss around one end and the split the twigs with my knife

making clothes pegs

They worked very well.

washing drying


29.5 degrees

We currently have a heat wave her in Lapland and today the temperature reached 29,5 degrees.

Last weekend we were out fishing and grilling sausage of cause.


Today I have been working in Killinge, which is a very beautiful area along the Kaitum river.

Where the Salmon are in full migration, jumping up the waterfalls and rapids.

I have now built the stairs up to the second level in the tree house/ playhouse, so we now need to get some furniture to put in there.


Working for the council

I am currently working for Gällivare Kommun (our local council).

I have teenagers working with me and we travel around repairing and constructing a variety of things.

This week we have built two 10 metre long tables with benches

A fire place and a wood store

And a fire place with two benches

Progress continues on the tree house

And we have even started painting it.