Blueberry cake.

There has not been so much happening recently, which is why I didn’t write anything last week.

The weather is changeable at the moment, with warm,sunny days and then heavy rain and even thunderstorms. Last Friday lightning struck just outside our house. Destroying our street lamp and melting the inside of our washing machine! Fortunately no one was hurt.

I have made myself a new neck-knife, which has a longer blade.

I can have the sheath around my neck or on my belt. I have an extra press stud on the front so that I can attach a a small pouch or sharpening stone. I might even be able to use it as a bearing for the bow-drill.

I am considering buying a hammock now my back is much better and would be interested to know what readers think are the best hammock to buy.

Teres made a really nice blueberry cake yesterday.

4 eggs

400ml flour

400ml sugar


A teaspoon of baking powder.

Plus 150g of butter over the mix


3 thoughts on “Blueberry cake.

  1. Glad your back is better, nothing worse than bad back issues. I am a side sleeper, have no idea how one could get a good nights sleep in a hammock. I have taken a naps in one, but never a full nights rest. I would sign on to a hammock forum like:
    See what they have to say on the subject.
    Thank you for the Blueberry Cake recipe, I would also like the order in which the different stuff are added and the the heat setting in degrees the oven is set at and the length of time it is baked.
    I really like your neck knife and sheath, well made and duel ways to wear is a good idea.
    I look forward to your blogs. Ask the girls if I can get some sleeping bag space in the play house for a few nights on my next visit to Sweden.

    • Hi Richard, 175 degrees and about 40 minutes in the oven. Mix the ingredients and add the blueberries once the mix is in the tin.

  2. I have the rope type. They are cooler to lay on but they stretch pretty good. harder to get in and out. The solid cloth type are better I think. Had to buy a metal stand for it since I did not have two trees close enough to string it.
    We had a month of rain here in Pa. Lots of flooding. Our home was lucky. We did not get flooded out.

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