Bushcraft Festivalen 2018

I have had a very enjoyable weekend at Bushcraft Festivalen 2018. I have with and met some fantastic people.

I arrived on Thursday morning and set up my camp.

There wasn’t a great deal that happened on Thursday this year, but on Thursday evening with some beer and vodka, the party started.

And went on long into the night.

Friday morning however, the work began setting up tents and preparing food.

There was a group Bushcraft Estonia there and they gave some really good demonstrations during the weekend.

They made friction fire by rubbing a piece of Chaga up and down a dry stick until the Chaga began to burn.

Another method of making fire by friction that I had never seen, was to roll some ash from an old fire into a cotton pad. The rolled up pad was then placed between two boards

And the cotton was rolled very fast backwards and forwards between the boards until the ash started to burn. I will be experiencing with this method.

As I was working behind the scenes helping to prepare food most of the time, I did not get to see much more of the festival, but still had a great time!


One thought on “Bushcraft Festivalen 2018

  1. It’s the same way here in Pa. The beer and wine usually gets the party going Looks like a great time, Charlie…………….

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