Back again

The internet is finally back again, but we can not be sure for how long.

The weather is just crazy here.  We still have no snow!  This is the view of our garden at the moment.


I have been out in the forest with Teres and Kelly, looking for a Christmas tree.  In the forest there a a thin covering of snow where the sun doesn’t reach.


Kelly found a small structure under a Spruce tree that is convinced was once a Troll’s home.  She covered it with new Spruce branches


and made a Spruce bed inside, just in case the Troll returns.


And of course as usual we made fire and had a cup of hot-chocolate.


We have had a large full moon, and I thought I would finish with a couple of pictures of that.

More soon…if we still have internet!!

Northern Light display

Two nights ago there was an amazing display of Northern Lights; the best I have seen for several years.  The temperature was not so cold at 0 degrees C and it so it was nice to lay in my hammock and watch the display above.


I took many pictures, but unfortunately the majority were unusable due to them being a little blurred.


At work I am currently building sign posts which will be placed along the ski trails, giving directions to towns and villages.


The temperatures remain just above or below 0 degrees and we have only had a few centimetres snow so far.