It’s getting warmer

Unfortunately Teres is still in hospital and they now suspect that she has a blood clott on one of her lungs.

At least the weather is improving and it has been only – 5 today. So I was out with Kelly.

She played in the snow

And then we sat and drank hot chocolate

We made a brief visit to Jokkmokks marknad (temperature was – 26), but there were so many people there and with a five year old to look after, I was not able to take any pictures.


I’m not the one who is sick this time.

Kelly and Teres have had influencer again (a different strain this time) and last night I had to rush Teres to accident and emergency (50kms from where we live) because she was having trouble breathing.

It turns out that she now has double pneumonia and is being kept in under observation, and is being given intravenous antibiotics.

The temperature is still between -20 and -30 degrees and we have had more snow, but only a few millimetres (still not enough to use the snowmobile).

If I am still well and Teres is out of hospital; I shall be visiting Jokkmokk’s Marknad this coming weekend and will write about my visit next week.