Heavy snowfall

Last Friday it started snowing and continued until Sunday evening.  And with gale force winds the snow blew into drifts.  In some places there was no snow on the ground and in others it was up to 2 metres deep.  Teres took this picture as I cleared the snow on Saturday


and there was at least the same amount again on Sunday!

One problem that I; and most probably many others have when sleeping in a hammock, is that the sleeping mat doesn’t stay in place and I end up with a cold back.

I have tried making several designs to hold the mat in place with limited success

making cover

but recently I found a Halti Travel Sleeping Bag on sale on the internet and though that I could put both my thermarest and sleeping inside it.

Halti Smart travel sleeping bag

Here is more information about the bag; https://halti.com/collections/sleeping-bags-mattresses/products/smart-travel-sleeping-bag

Unfortunately, with both the thermarest and my sleeping bag inside, there was insufficient room.  So I came up with a solution to the problem, and with help of our sewing department at work, they are now making alterations to the bag.  My solution is (on the back side of the bag) to sew a pocket at the top and bottom of the bag and a band of material across the middle, into which the therarest is inserted.  It will only be my sleeping bag that is then inside the bag.


The bag is not yet finished, but I will put up some pictures here as soon as it is completed.


4 thoughts on “Heavy snowfall

  1. Cool! I just got back from trying out my first hammock setup in a local wood 20mins walk from my house, I took along a sleeping bag just to get the feel and a lie down for 10 mins, I can sense that the next wildcamp session is going to be a fun one! I didnt watch any videos or tutorials on setting up a hammock, I just wanted to try it out for myself and see how my own intution guided me.
    I have a Polish Army Palatka tent which is absolutely great! but it is totally dark in there and you cant see any stars / sky, im really looking forward to hammock camping.

    Cheers from the outskirts of London

      • Thanks buddy, I need to tweak the gear in order to sleep in it comfortably, I have been heavily advised to get an underquilt which was something I was trying to avoid by using roll mats / self inlfators … we’ll see.

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