A neck-knife

When I was at Jokkmokks Marknad in February, I ordered some specially designed blades from a blacksmith. I am going to use the blades for making neck-knives.

Last Saturday myself and Kelly took a tour out on the snowmobile. Kelly was very happy to be out in the forest again.

Unfortunately we got stuck, but once I had freed up the machine, we were able to use the hole to make a fire in and grill some sausages.

Later on Saturday I tested my new bag in my hammock and was pleased that it works very well. The only issue is that I cannot sleep on my side.


4 thoughts on “A neck-knife

  1. Can you not tighten the hammock more and get better rigidity, thus making side-sleeping easier?

    • Hi David. Because my thermarest is secured in the back of the bag, there is no flexibility in the bag.

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