A day in the forest

Finally managed to get a day out in the forest last Sunday. The conditions were challenging with some areas having snow up to 50cms deep

Some areas having deep snow and water under

While other areas had no snow at all.

I found a fantastic spot to pitch my hammock and have lunch.

Beavers also seem to like it

I tried fishing but they were not biting

For lunch I grilled sausages over the fire and cooked a beef risotto

Then I relaxed in my hammock.


Dad came home from hospital on Thursday and so I haven’t been able to do so much over the Easter weekend because I have been looking after him.

I did make a sheath for my Morakniv Eldris

And I also made a sheath for a friends Eldris.

I will be attending the Morakniv adventure again this year at the end of May.

Myself and Kelly visited the cabin briefly on Saturday.

To check that everything was OK after the winter.

It is with great sadness that I have decided that I must sell the cabin as I just do not have the time and money to do all the work there that is required.

We have had a Sparrowhawk visiting the garden recently.

And yesterday I saw the first Common Cranes of this spring, flying over.


I did not have time to write last week because my dad was ill. He was taken to hospital by ambulance last Saturday. He is 86 and his heart isn’t working that well, but he should be home late this week.

Spring has finally arrived and daytime temperatures are getting well above freezing.

I have been out with Kelly ice fishing

We did not catch any fish but Kelly enjoyed using her new “free fire” parabolic lighter to make fire

So that we could make hot chocolate and grill sausages.

A new neck sheath.

Last weekend I designed a new sheath for my neck knives and I am pleased with the result.

The sheath incorporates a firesteel.

I have also cut up Moose hearts

And laid in salt for 24 hours and then I have hung them up to dry for about three weeks.

Today I have seen the first Snow Buntings, which is always the first sign of spring for me.