Morakniv Adventure 2019

I had a fantastic time at the Morakniv Adventure 2019 and I would like to thank all the Morakniv staff, ambassadors and participants for making it a great event.  Unfortunately I have not had time to process my photo’s yet, but here are three short films from YouTube about tha event and I will right more soon.



The pot stand is evolving

Last time I showed a pot stand that I had made for my Trangia burner.

It has now evolved in to this.

And when packed down it looks like this

It is made from 4 spokes from a cycle wheel.

And I have made a wind sheald from aluminium foil.

Last Saturday I went fishing. Didn’t catch anything but it was great to get out

And test the cooker.

I will be at the 2019 Morakniv adventure next week so it will be a couple of weeks before I write here again.

Snow again

We no longer have +17 degrees and sunshine. Instead we have temperatures around freezing and snow

This morning it was a real challenge driving to work this morning with summer tyres on the car.

The snow usually melts during the day and then there is a chance to see some birds and animals.

Arctic Hare

Common Cranes


I am currently working on a design for a pot stand for my Trangia alcohol stove. This is the best design so far

And it cooked water in one and a half minutes

But I think the design can be improved.