Helping my father-in-law

The temperature last week was around 30 degrees and I spent several nights sleeping in my hammock. On Saturday it reached 34 degrees and was still 23 degrees. When I got in my hammock to go to bed. However, by 2am the temperature had dropped to only 12 and by 6am it was only 8.

Since then nighttime temperature have been just above freezing and during the day it is about 17 degrees.

I spent last weekend helping my father-in-law to put new boards on the outside of his house.

And this week I have been working with more teenagers repairing and renovating a children’s play area.

Many biting insects.

This has not been particularly warm until now (27 degrees today), but there are many biting insects this year. Small midges and black flies which usually start to appear about now, have been prevalent from late May. And mosquitos and deer and horse flies are also in large numbers, making it particularly unpleasant doing jobs outside such as renewing the panels on the cabin.

Fortunately the first wall is completed, but I am aiming to do at least one more before the frosts start.

I have not slept out in my hammock much because at each end where the ridge line passes through, there are holes where mosquitos get in.

Still working with the teenagers and this week we are mostly out painting.

Working with teenagers.

I’m spending the summer working with teenagers who have summer jobs with the council.

We have made a volleyball court.

And we have been delivering fire wood to cabins that the council own.

At home i am continuing to work on the cabin, and am now putting new panels on the wall.

More fish

Been fishing again and I’m still catching them.

I always make a fire to keep the mosquitos away, grill sausage and make coffee.

I lost one large fish when my new telescopic rod broke!

I am also continuing work on the cabin and one wall is now insulated.

Finished painting.

We have now finished painting the house.We hired a skylift to get to the higher part of the house.I have now started removing the outer panel and insulation from the cabin we have in our garden, as they are rotten.Once I have put new boards on the outside, I will paint it the same colour as the house.I have spent some time out fishing and caught several Rainbow Trout.