Alcohol stove

I continued working on the cabin last weekend

and completed another wall.

Kelly helped me by painting some of the boards.

I probably will not get anymore done this year as the night time temperature is now dropping below freezing and it is therefore too cold to paint.

Today at work I have designed and built a rustic bench, together with the teenagers I have working with me.

At home I have been experimenting with making a ‘fancy feast’ type alcohol stove.

I bought a tin of mushroom paste, an aluminium water bottle and the fibreglass material from a fire blanket to use as a wick

I had seen the fire blanket used by someone in a YouTube video but I was disappointed with it as its wicking properties were very poor, so instead I have used lamp wick.

The aluminium flask was too big so I used a sweet corn tin instead.

I am pleased with the end result, but the burner is a little too large so I will try to make a smaller version.

3 thoughts on “Alcohol stove

  1. I have also made those alcohol stoves, very light weight but, I prefer using the wonderful brass Swedish trangia stoves because of the screw on cap lets me carry fuel in the stove ready to fire up. Then after making coffee you can snuff the flame then, after the stove cools screw on the cap to save the remaining fuel for another cup of coffee later.
    I also really liked your rustic bench, will have to get some material from the local saw mill to make one for myself. A friend has taught children building skills by making what is call Aldo Leopold style benches, a google search should show you many plans for them. If you scroll down at this at this site, you can see rustic ones.
    I am going to visit Sweden next week, my Friend Bjorn Uglum is going to show me Lappland in the autumn, on a long road trip. If we pass near your village I would like to stop and buy you a cup of coffee and have a short visit.

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