Homemade alcohol stove

Here is how I made the latest version of my alcohol stove, which boils water very quickly, uses very little alcohol and the flame can be snuffed out.

These are the two cat food tins that I used.

The tin on the left sits inside the tin on the right.

I drilled two holes around the top of the inside tin to prevent pressure build up and two around the bottom edge to allow the alcohol to flow through.

Then I put a lamp wick around the inner tin (the lamp wick being 1cm wider than the tin and 1cm will fold under the inner tin).

With the lamp wick on the two tins fit tightly together and the inner tin sitting on the wick gives the right spacing between the height of the two tins.

Use a small screwdriver to push the wick down if necessary.

Now it is completed.

Here are a couple of photos of it in action.

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