Another night out

Last Saturday I had a other night out in my Warbonnet Elderado hammock. The temperature went down to minus 6 degrees and I had a Reindeer come to visit me in the middle of the night.

An issue that I had in the night with the top cover on, was a lot of condensation

which later turned to ice.

I thought the mesh vents in the top cover would prevent this but they didn’t.

I took this picture on Sunday morning with ice on my tarp.

Warbonnet Elderado

Last weekend I had my first night in my Warbonnet Elderado hammock. The hammock comes with a bugnet attached, but also have winter top cover that can be zipped on when the bugnet is removed. Net windows in the top cover should prevent condensation, but I quite a bit inside.

I also have – 20 degree c down underquilt called a Wooki that attaches to the underside of the hammock via a loop at one end

And a carabiner at the other end

A guy-line attached to the top over holds the top under tension.

It was – 4 degrees on Saturday night, but I was not cold.

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Sea fishing in Norway

Last Friday I boarded a coach at 7am headed for Grovfjord in Norway to spend a long weekend sea fishing with colleagues from work.

We arrived just after midday at a wet and windy Grovfjord. We were shown how to use the boats we had hired and then the cabins we would stay in.

We went out fishing for a couple of ours but the weather was so bad that I couldn’t take any pictures. We did not catch any fish either, but back at the cabin we made a hot meal and the beer and whisky started to flow.

We awoke to a warm and sunny morning on Saturday.

And we were out fishing early.

The fishing was incredibly poor and most people caught no fish all, but I caught 11 smallish Haddock

And a 3.5kg Cod.

After another evening of beer and whisky we headed back to Sweden on Sunday morning.

A quiet week.

I do not have a lot to write about this week I’m afraid.

I built a work bench for Kelly which has wheels under the front legs so that it can be easily moved around. She used when painting her nest boxes.

On Saturday night I slept out in the forest in my Easy Hammock and had a Reindeer skin between the two layers as insulation.

It could be my last night sleeping in this hammock as I am waiting for a Warbonnet elderado hammock with underquilt and winter top cover to arrive.