Sea fishing in Norway

Last Friday I boarded a coach at 7am headed for Grovfjord in Norway to spend a long weekend sea fishing with colleagues from work.

We arrived just after midday at a wet and windy Grovfjord. We were shown how to use the boats we had hired and then the cabins we would stay in.

We went out fishing for a couple of ours but the weather was so bad that I couldn’t take any pictures. We did not catch any fish either, but back at the cabin we made a hot meal and the beer and whisky started to flow.

We awoke to a warm and sunny morning on Saturday.

And we were out fishing early.

The fishing was incredibly poor and most people caught no fish all, but I caught 11 smallish Haddock

And a 3.5kg Cod.

After another evening of beer and whisky we headed back to Sweden on Sunday morning.

One thought on “Sea fishing in Norway

  1. Sounds like you had great time. I get to fish iin the Great Lakes for salmon at least once a year. Later in the season they are really big.Charlie

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