Snowmobile tour

Saturday was a busy day shopping and visiting my dad in the home where he is now living.

And then we went to Gällivare Christmas Market where Kelly got to ride with a horse and sledge.

We only have about three hours of daylight now so it was dark when me and Kelly took a tour out on the snowmobile and sledge on Sunday.

By Sunday evening the first Christmas decorations were in place.

More snow

Spent Saturday cleaning snow.

And went on a long walk with… At least I walked!

I went to visit friends on Sunday and three Roe Deer appeared in their garden.

It gets dark now by 2pm but the lighting on the ski slopes looks amazing.

We have now completed construction of the ramp.

Family weekend

I am afraid that I have very little to write about this week. Last weekend was a family weekend which included Kelly’s birthday party.

During the last 24 hours we have had 20cms of snow fall, which together with temperatures down to – 26, is making working conditions challenging on the mountain. But we continue to make progress with the ramp.

Out with the snowmobile

We have had a lot of snow recently and very cold temperatures (down to – 26).

I think this is the earliest I have ever been able to get out with the snowmobile. Last weekend the weather was clear and cold so I took a trip out in the forest.

Later I attached Kelly’s sledge to the back of the snowmobile and pulled her around the field.

She had a great time!

We even had a bbq

Now that I am back at work, the work continues on the ramp.

I think there will be at least another weeks work there.