Skinbased skis

Last Saturday I visited a friend who lives 1 hour from where I live.

We had planned a day trip out in the forest. Harold had packed a sled to take with us and I had a small rucksack with food.

I was planning to use snowshoes but Harold insisted that I borrow a pair of Finnish hunter skis to try made by a company called Skinbased.

We skid for a couple of kilometres and then found a nice spot to make camp.

We dug a hole in the snow where we could make fire and cut some poles to make a bench along one side of the hole. We covered the poles with Reindeer skins.

We spent time chatting, drinking whisky and cooking food. Our food included: sprambled eggs, grilled Moose heart, sausages and coffee.

I was very impressed with the skis and will order a pair of WAP 127 skis which are a combination of a ski and snowshoe.

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