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Kevin Warrington

I was born in the United Kingdom but since June 2007 I have owned a cabin in a remote area of forest in Swedish Lapland.  As a result of this I met my now girlfriend Teres and in February 2010 I left the UK to begin a new life her and her three children in Swedish Lapland, 150kms inside the Arctic Circle.

I have been interested in nature all my life and worked in the field of nature conservation in the United Kingdom from the age of eleven.  My job before leaving the UK was managing three National Nature Neserves.

I am interested in traditional skills and crafts and outdoor/wilderness living, incorporating primitive, survival and bushcraft skills.

I will use this site to share my skills and knowledge, as I have done previously here; http://fenlaners.blogspot.com/

I hope you enjoy my site and please feel free to contribute to the sharing of skills and knowledge.



email: naturallore@gmail.com

38 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kevin,

    It was really great to meet you at John’s last Sunday! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon. Whereabouts are the nature reserves that you’re looking after? I’ll come and have a look next time I’m up your way…

    Keep well and keep in touch

    Pete Truin

    • Hi Pete, Nice to hear from you. For an answer to your question you would need to drop me an email.

      Keep in touch


  2. Hey there,
    I saw your post (on the old site) about the green woodwork meeting and the pics of Will on the bowl lathe (turning Alder if i recall). I was actually there it being my first meet with that group.
    Since then ive not heard of any more of any meets, and since i also have an interest in wilderness survival, traditional crafts and similar thought your a good place to try and track them down from!

    Also I hope you dont mind me saying hi.

    Anyhow if the green wood group are still active or you are out and about Cambridgeshire way give me a shout.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Kevin, finally managed to find time to check your site. It’s really great and definitely makes we want to try a few things myself.



  4. Hi Kevin,

    My name is Florent, I’m from the Alps and I’m very interested about old wild knowlege. I have a blog about wild skills too. So I would write a text on my blog (in french)about you and your blog. Just I ask you are you OK ?
    Best regards


    • Thank you very much for asking Florent and yes you certainly may use my blog. Than you again!

  5. Hi kevin,

    love your site, I niticed that you include a list of companies you don’t recommend buying from, well, a couple of days ago I ordered 5 firesteels from firesteel.co.uk, I e-mailed sales querying when they are most likley to arrive to me, well after 4 e-mails nothing! I then called both the land line and the mobile, yes ! I got an answer from the answer machine, so ‘firesteel.co.uk’ does exist! But no answer! Is this guy dead or something?

  6. Well thank you,its so nice if you find it intresting,as its not so well done,but im learning to be better.

    have a nice x-mas there,ill be stalking your blog from now on.

  7. Hi Kevin,
    Just found out how to send you a message. How are you both? Send me your email address. Looks jolly cold there hope you are keeping cosy. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Hi Kevin,

    like the recent photos, especially the moose. We were hoping to see one in Canada last year but I hear they’re pretty scarce and you are lucky to see one.

    Nick is really interested in woodcrafts and would you happen to know any good contacts in the suffolk/norfolk/cambs area who he could get in touch with??

    Oh and on a grumpy note, we’re loosing over one third of our staff. Maybe being made redundant might be a positive thing………

    Hope you’re swedish is progressing well, my Danish friend Hanna is trying to teach me her language and its not easy!

    take care, Em

  9. Your site is awesome! Love all your pics and am glad to see you’re getting on well in your new home and life. Look forward to your pics of you working with the reindeer. The Saami culture has held a significant fascination with me almost my entire life. Cheers and keep the great posts coming.

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  11. Hi…

    I have just stumbled across your blog, and I find it fascinating!! I look forward to reading any new devlopments. Just on another note, is that pic of Boston outside in Lincs outside the Aldi store?? Im about 7 miles from there during the week and back home in Norfolk of a weekend.

    Anyway, im rambling, but all the best and keep updating your blog.

    Kind Regards,
    From a flat, featureless lincolnshire…

  12. Cool Blog. This is kind of the way I am doing my blog. Most of my adult life I have lived in Alaska. During that time I learned a lot of skills. The past few years my wife and I have been living in the lower 48 and long for returning to Alaska. I have really got into traditional skills and trying to do things without electricity. I find it very rewarding.


  13. Hi – I really liked your blog, particularly the upright log cut in quarters – it looked excellent for focusing the heat for cooking on. Do you know of anywhere [accessible site?] I can research edible plants in the arctic circle region? My partner and I are riding up to the arctic circle this summer [on an MT 350] and crossing the Norwegian border into Russia and exploring the Kola peninsula and Karilia region. We are hoping to camp a lot and I am interested to know what I can safely pick and eat to supplement what may be a very few basic foodstuffs!


    Ruth [riding to Russia via the arctic circle raising money for Head Injury]

    • Hi Ruth, Found this is spam so sorry for the slow response. I’m afraid I do not know of any sites about plants in the Arctic Region. Will let you know if I come across anything.

  14. Hello Kevin, interesting blog entries, as ususal, what’s your e-mail address and your home address please ? How’s your back these days ? Cheers Andy

  15. i love your blog Kevin!
    I hope to keep tabs on the cabin and other topics you cover.
    i’m always interested in keeping up with folks who are living gently on this earth…especially where you are! You are the most northerly-dwelling blogger on my list!!!
    I try to share our experiences gardening and foraging on my blog…
    if you are at all interested….
    take care!

  16. Hey Kevin. It has been a while since I have been on the net, and have not done much on my blog or checked yours out. Good to see you are still keeping your blog up. I have internet once again and plan to start updating our adventure with our homestead soon. Just thought I would check in.

    Take Care,

  17. Hi Kevin from all at Lavenham Army Surplus, (Carole, Elliot and myself). How are you these days; you seem to have been in the wars recently? Been reading your blogs with interest for the last couple of years, as I have an interest in bushcraft myself. I do not know whether you know that we have now moved to a new premises on the outskirts of Sudbury so maybe you will pop in when you next come to England. I am having a lot of problems carving Kuksa cup as the seasoned wood keeps splitting. Any tips please? All the best Kev.

  18. Hello!.

    On October 30th of your blog (page 50?), you show a snow scoop shovel (you state “15cms of snow fell before the snow finally stopped. Not sure what this is called in English but it’s what I and many people here use to clear the snow”).

    I am very interested in finding out where that type of snow scoop is sold. I can’t find that type of snow scoop here in the U.S. (many imitations but none with the snow dumping capabilities of the one in your picture). My late father had that exact type of snow scoop back in the 1970’s (right down to the red handles) and wore it out over the years–I’ve been looking for one ever since.

    I sent an email to your email address on November 26th, but haven’t heard from you so I thought I’d try again here.

    Any light you can shed on where I might fine a source to buy that type of snow scoop would be greatly appreciated. Even the Swedish name for the product would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  19. Great site with lots of information. Thanks for posting so much – need to read more over the weekend, prior to my visit to the Jokkmokk market in a couple of weeks. Would love to be skilled enough to do some of the things you’ve done!

  20. You’re living the dream mate good on onya looks a magical place I hope to do the same here someday

    cheers Benny Australia

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