Still sick

Still not getting out and about due to pneumonia unfortunately, but I am getting better.

Last weekend we purchased a Moose calf from our neighbour, which he had shot and will provide us with 45kgs of meat for the winter.

moose meat lapland

Here in Sweden you can not just go out into the forest and shoot a Moose.  You have to pay to be a member in a hunting club, and each club is given a quoter of Moose that they can shoot.  The meat is then divided between the members of the club.

Fortunately the Sámi people have land where they have to right to hunt Moose, and so we could buy a hole calve directly.

Kelly is still at home and today she has been baking.

kelly baking

She has baked Nuttela cookies.  The recipe is very simple;

1 egg

150g Nuttela

150g plain flour

115g caster sugar

We also added chocolate chips to the mix.

nutella cookie dough

They are then baked in the oven 180 degrees for 12 minutes and then allowed to cool.

nutella cookies



I spoke too soon..

Many thanks to those of you who wrote messages to us when Kelly was in hospital.  She is now home and getting better.  Unfortunately. I now have pneumonia!


Even when feeling not well at all, I have to find things to keep Kelly from being bored, so this morning, so I found three toilet roll tubes, which we cut into rings

toilet roll tube crafts-1

and then we have been using the rings to make different things. Here’s some examples;

a flower

toilet roll tube crafts-3

a butterfly

toilet roll tube crafts-2

and a hare

toilet roll tube crafts-4

And now for a weather update…..the first snow fell last night, but it has already melted now.

This time it’s not me that’s sick

I had planned to spend last weekend at the cabin, unfortunately Kelly became very ill and so instead we had to drive her to hospital.

After a series of tests, they diagnosed pneumonia and I have spent five dayso living with her in her hospital room, while she received intravenous antibiotics.

Thankfully she is now getting better and has been allowed home today.


Teres and the children have been making homemade firelighters using egg cartons and newspaper.

A cup from an egg cartons us cut out and then strips from the lid of the carton are placed inside to form a rose.

10cm wide strips of newspaper are rolled up tightly and tied with cotton.

Both are then placed in melted wax

And left to dry (the same can also be done with Pine cones).

Then you just light one when you want to make fire.

The girls enjoyed making them.

A busy weekend

On Friday, at work I was given the job of photographing the moving of our hamburger grill in Gällivare. Due to mining in the nearby town of Malmberget, many people and properties are being relocated. On Saturday morning my friend Janne came with a skylift to help change the facia boards on the roof, from wood to metal. Myself and Kelly went up in the skylift We went up 13 metres. On Sunday my friend Tomas came to help replace the platform to the stove flue. I had drawn a design for it and then Tomas had welded it together. During the evening, myself and Kelly went out picking Lingon berries.

Coke can whistle and a podcast interview

At the Bushcraftfestival Harry Sepp demonstrated how to make a whistle from a drinks can.  Mors Kochanski taught me this when I was in Canada, so I thought I would re-post the how-to that I wrote ten years ago;

Cut a strip from the side of the can about 20mm wide and break off one third of this strip as shown below.

drinks can whistle

Bend the short piece into the shape of a hill and place across the longer piece a few millimetres from one end forming the mouth piece.


Fold one end of the long piece and both ends of the short piece to secure in place as shown below.


Now bend the long piece at a ninety degree angle to the mouth piece and then curl it around to form the air chamber and you should have a shape rather like a question mark.


Place your thumb over one side of the air chamber to form a seal and your index finger to seal the other side, just leaving the narrow opening immediately after the mouth piece.Ensure the gap at the front of the mouth piece is wider than that at the back (this will take some adjustment and experimentation to get right), then blow!


While I was at the festival, Paul Kirtley did a Podcast interview with myself and some of the other attendees, and this podcast is now available to listen to here;



Bushcraft Festivalen Part 3

The evening meal that we prepared on Saturday included a roasted pig and lamb, potato salad and 3 different BBQ sauces.

bushcraftfestival food

On Sunday I did have time to attend one workshop, run by Harry Sepp (one of the original founders of Swedish Survival Guild, alongside Lars Falt) on what children should do when lost in the forest.

harry sepp

Harry is a very inspiring man, with a great amount of knowledge (and jokes to tell).  I passed on some of the things we learnt in his workshop, to my daughter Kelly when we were out fishing last weekend.

If a child realises that it is lost, the first thing Harry teaches to do is to hug a tree for a sense of security.  Hanging items in trees will also help rescuers to find a missing child, but hanging items in trees can also help a child to find their way back to their parents.  I sent Kelly 30 metres away and then hung some items in trees to help her find her way back and to show how it helps

kelly in forest

In this picture you can see the life vest from 30 metres away

finding way in forest

It was great to able to spend some time in the forest with the family on Sunday.

fishing with kelly

Kelly caught a Pike while we were fishing

kelly caught a pike

Of course we made fire and grilled sausage!

kelly and teres

Lets hope that this sunny, warm autumn weather continues.