Skinbased skis

Last Saturday I visited a friend who lives 1 hour from where I live.

We had planned a day trip out in the forest. Harold had packed a sled to take with us and I had a small rucksack with food.

I was planning to use snowshoes but Harold insisted that I borrow a pair of Finnish hunter skis to try made by a company called Skinbased.

We skid for a couple of kilometres and then found a nice spot to make camp.

We dug a hole in the snow where we could make fire and cut some poles to make a bench along one side of the hole. We covered the poles with Reindeer skins.

We spent time chatting, drinking whisky and cooking food. Our food included: sprambled eggs, grilled Moose heart, sausages and coffee.

I was very impressed with the skis and will order a pair of WAP 127 skis which are a combination of a ski and snowshoe.

Jokkmokks Marknad 2020

Last weekend was Jokkmokks Marknad. We were there on Friday but for the first time I did not buy anything.

On Friday evening we attended a concert where music artist Chris Kläfford was playing guitar and singing. What a fantastic guy and a great musician.

Chris Kläfford in Jokkmokk

On Saturday I was out and about and enjoyed the sunshine.

On Sunday Kelly was at ski school

And she took part in a race.

Car problems

I did not write anything last week because I had not done anything interesting.

I bought a new Skoda Karoq last September and have been having a lot of problems with the engine heater, which doesn’t always start when it should or starts when it shouldn’t. Even though I have filmed the problem, the Skoda garage cannot find any problem to fix.

The weekend before last I drove the car the 250kms to the Skoda garage again and left it there for one week and collected it again last weekend but they have still not fixed the problem.

That weather last Saturday was terrible with strong winds and heavy snow. There was 50cm of snow that fell and drifted.

So I spent Sunday morning clearing snow.

Four years ago I converted the upstairs into rooms, but have never completed the skirting boards and coving, so I am now working on completing the job.

The days are getting longer now and it is light until 16:30, so soon I will be out and about again.

The weather is still warm.

The weather continues to be just above or below freezing.

Saturday was cloudy and dull but the forecast for Sunday was clear.

Unfortunately there was thick clouds and it was dull, but I went out on a snowmobile tour anyway.

Snowmobile tour Lapland

I also completed another neck-knife on Sunday.


I have made two knives already this year, both neck knives. The handles are made of Sallow root bur.

Last weekend I spent some time out tracking.

This is the tracks of an Artic Hare walking

And these are the tracks of a Hare are running.

I also found fox tracks which might explain why the Hare was running!

And there were also tracks from a Stoat.

Here are the tracks of at least three Reindeer

And here a Reindeer has been eating lichens from a tree.

This is one of the Reindeer.

I also found tracks of voles in the forest.

It is nice to see that the sun has now started appearing above the horizon again.

Mother of pearl cloud formation

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. As usual father and mother Christmas came to visit us on Christmas day.

We have had some very usual weather over Christmas with few cold days and nights

But many warm ones, with temperatures up to plus 6 degrees. This meant that all the snow has fallen from the roof.

Mother of pearl cloud formations are very unusual, caused by sunlight refracting through ice crystals at high altitude, but during the last two weeks we have seen many.

On new years eve myself and Kelly went out on a evening ski tour

And then we made a fire and grilled hamburgers.

On new years day were out with the snowmobile.

My mother in law surprised us the other day by inviting us to come and eat homemade Reindeer blood dumplings which think are delicious.