Loft conversion week 3

Work has continued on the loft conversion over Christmas, but not as much has been completed as I had hoped.

loft conversion-6

All the insulation is completed now and I have been wiring in lights and sockets.

loft conversion-7

The access holes have insulated doors in place now and just need the fronts fitted to them.

loft conversion-8

Even though the sun is not appearing above the horizon just now, on the 26th there was a really nice dusk sky with mother of pearl clouds.

sunset-1 sunset-2 sunset-3

More next week!!

Christmas tree

I had my first chance to get out and about on the snow mobile on Friday, driving about 50kms in total.

Here’s a picture I took at midday and shows quite well that the sun is now only just appearing over the horizon (but at 7:30am we have blue sky)

Knowing that I would be cooking coffee later in the day I collected firelighting material in advance.  The temperature was only -13 so this Old Mans Beard lichen was a little damp.

I put damp firelighting material in my shirt for at least one and a half hours and my body heat helps to dry it, so when I was ready to make fire the material was dry

One of my tasks while out was  to find a Christmas tree (Jul gran in Swedish) and after a lot of searching I found a nice shaped tree

The tree looked really good once Teres had decorated it


Christmas with a difference again!!

Last Christmas I wrote about Christmas with a difference and this year Christmas dinner in the woods was even more popular with 16 of us gathering to cook, eat, drink and have fun.

Most of the snow and ice had gone but there was a bitterly cold north-easterly wind blowing.

Everyone had to provide and cook something towards our feast this year; we had two joints of home grown lamb as our meet, roast potatoes & parsnips, boiled green cabbage & pickled red cabbage, stuffing and gravy.

For our second course we had; home made mince pies, apple and blackberry crumble, apple and blackcurrant pie and cheese and biscuits.  Even BAH HUMGUG!! enjoyed himself ;>)