A Wolf

Early last Friday morning a Wolf was seen in the forest just beyond our garden. Due to a fresh fall of snow, local Reindeer herders were able to track it and they found that it had wondered over quite a large area around the village. As far as I know it has not been seen since.

I am currently working at the base of Dundret mountain in Gällivare, building a 36 metre long ramp to allow wheelchair access into the accommodation building at the ski resort.

We began on Monday by removing the existing steps to the building with help of a tractor.

Now we have started construction of the new ramp and steps.

As you can see we have already had snow and this morning the temperature was – 15 degrees. Fans are running on the ski slops, blowing water vapour into the air to create more snow.


A grumpy old man.

On Saturday evening I used the Cod that I had caught in Norway to make fish and chips, a meal I really miss from the UK.

Myself and Kelly spent Sunday afternoon out in the forest. We had hammocks with us

And during our walk we came across this grumpy old man!

I do not usually subscribe to YouTube channels but Lars at Survival Russia has a very informative channel and it was there that I learnt about the”Siberian log fire” which is a very warm and efficient fire (see Lars videos) and for the first time I made a small version of this fire when we were out on Sunday.

The main log I found laying on the ground and then I cut three pieces from a dead standing tree to put on it.

The face of the large log burns slowly and the logs on top are gradually fed in to fuel the fire. The distance between these logs dictates how fast the fire burns.

A rainy night in my hammock

Last weekend we visited the cabin to begin taking home our belongings before we sell it next year.

We all spent some time on Saturday building boats

To float on the lake during the evening.

Myself and Kelly went into the forest later and rested in our hammocks for a while.

I returned there on Saturday night and spent the night there.

Unfortunately it rained heavily most of the night and all day on Sunday. And on Monday morning it had snowed and continued all day.

Another night out

Last Saturday I had a other night out in my Warbonnet Elderado hammock. The temperature went down to minus 6 degrees and I had a Reindeer come to visit me in the middle of the night.

An issue that I had in the night with the top cover on, was a lot of condensation

which later turned to ice.

I thought the mesh vents in the top cover would prevent this but they didn’t.

I took this picture on Sunday morning with ice on my tarp.

Warbonnet Elderado

Last weekend I had my first night in my Warbonnet Elderado hammock. The hammock comes with a bugnet attached, but also have winter top cover that can be zipped on when the bugnet is removed. Net windows in the top cover should prevent condensation, but I quite a bit inside.

I also have – 20 degree c down underquilt called a Wooki that attaches to the underside of the hammock via a loop at one end

And a carabiner at the other end

A guy-line attached to the top over holds the top under tension.

It was – 4 degrees on Saturday night, but I was not cold.

For more information visit http://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com

Sea fishing in Norway

Last Friday I boarded a coach at 7am headed for Grovfjord in Norway to spend a long weekend sea fishing with colleagues from work.

We arrived just after midday at a wet and windy Grovfjord. We were shown how to use the boats we had hired and then the cabins we would stay in.

We went out fishing for a couple of ours but the weather was so bad that I couldn’t take any pictures. We did not catch any fish either, but back at the cabin we made a hot meal and the beer and whisky started to flow.

We awoke to a warm and sunny morning on Saturday.

And we were out fishing early.

The fishing was incredibly poor and most people caught no fish all, but I caught 11 smallish Haddock

And a 3.5kg Cod.

After another evening of beer and whisky we headed back to Sweden on Sunday morning.

A quiet week.

I do not have a lot to write about this week I’m afraid.

I built a work bench for Kelly which has wheels under the front legs so that it can be easily moved around. She used when painting her nest boxes.

On Saturday night I slept out in the forest in my Easy Hammock and had a Reindeer skin between the two layers as insulation.

It could be my last night sleeping in this hammock as I am waiting for a Warbonnet elderado hammock with underquilt and winter top cover to arrive.