Easy Hammock bushcraft/survival hammock

I have now received my Bushcraft/Survival hammock from Easy Hammock

The hammock, mosquito net and suspension system weigh 1.029kgs

The hammock packs down to 25 cm

By 16cm

I am currently testing the hammock and will be writing more about it soon.


A shorter boat house

The last metre or so of our boat house was rotten and falling into the lake, taking the rest of the boat house with it.

So I was at the cabin last weekend and started removing the rotten section.

Work progressed very quickly and as I cut the the corrugated roof, the whole fell into the lake.

Unfortunately it was too heavy for we to lift out of the lake, so at the moment it is still in the lake.

I have put a tarpaulin up over the end of the boat house to protect it during the winter

And work will continue next year. Here is a view from inside

On Saturday evening I baked some cheese and onion Bannock breads which I must say were very tasty.

On Sunday I cleared all the small trees and bushes between the cabin and the lake.

Wet wet wet….

Last week we discovered that we have a water leak under our floor and it has been leaking for several months. This is what the underside of our house looks like.

A building company have been here and removed the floor and located the leak.

We are now waiting for our insurance company to decide if we have to move out.


Autumn has arrived.  There are some beautiful colours on the trees and the mornings are cold and a mist often sits over the water.

On Saturday morning I found a very obliging Moose which was so interested in me, that it came closer and closer.

I have a great job working for the council, which involves being out in the forest a lot.  It is nice to be able to make a fire and boil coffee and grill sausage for lunch.

I have been using my titanium mug for almost 10 years now and will hopefully have it for another 10 years!  https://naturallore.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/lifeventure-titanium-cup

Sleep out

On Saturday night Kelly and I decided to sleep in the playhouse.

Although the playhouse is not insulated and the temperature went down to 0, we were not cold.

I was given a garage tent by a friend, but unfortunately the cover was damaged. However, I had previously been given a very large tarpaulin

Which I used to make a new cover.

I have also been out for a walk with Kelly, collecting colours from nature and we have mounted them on paper.

On Monday I started a new job with the council which involves building and repairing outdoor facilities and developing outdoor learning for children. Today I have been collecting small trees so that children can build shelters.

And painting tables and benches

Bushcraft Festivalen 2018

I have had a very enjoyable weekend at Bushcraft Festivalen 2018. I have with and met some fantastic people.

I arrived on Thursday morning and set up my camp.

There wasn’t a great deal that happened on Thursday this year, but on Thursday evening with some beer and vodka, the party started.

And went on long into the night.

Friday morning however, the work began setting up tents and preparing food.

There was a group Bushcraft Estonia there and they gave some really good demonstrations during the weekend.

They made friction fire by rubbing a piece of Chaga up and down a dry stick until the Chaga began to burn.

Another method of making fire by friction that I had never seen, was to roll some ash from an old fire into a cotton pad. The rolled up pad was then placed between two boards

And the cotton was rolled very fast backwards and forwards between the boards until the ash started to burn. I will be experiencing with this method.

As I was working behind the scenes helping to prepare food most of the time, I did not get to see much more of the festival, but still had a great time!

Bushcraft Festivalen

I am currently sitting in the night train travelling to the south of Sweden to work at the annual Bushcraft festival. I will be writing more about the event next week.

Kelly has now outgrown the toilet that I made for her at the cabin.

So last weekend, I made her a new toilet.

My job working with teenagers during the summer has now finished, but the council have now given me another job for 8 months working with developing outdoor and wilderness facilities within the county.