I’ll be away for a while.

I am going to stay at my cabin for a while (fortunately we have not found a buyer for it yet), and as I have no electricity, I will not not be able to post here.

The forest Road to the cabin is not driveable with a car at the moment, so I have bought a quad bike to get me, some food and equipment there.

I will write about my time at the cabin when I return.

Staying at home

Although everything is happening as normal here in Sweden, I have been advised by my doctor to stay at home due to my lung condition.

At the moment Kelly is also at home with me and I am home schooling her. So I have had to find daily activities to keep her and me busy.

We have built boats out of recycled materials and experimented with different types of propulsion.

We have made our own “Greenland wax” for waterproofing cotton clothing, using paraffin and bees wax.

The paraffin and bees wax were mixed at a ratio of 90% to 10% and melted in a bath of boiling water

Then I poured the liquid into a form

And left it until it cooled.

We saw our first butterfly of the year while doing this : a Tortoiseshell.

I have taught Kelly different ways of making fire, including bow-drill

And using a bottle of water with sunlight

We have made nestboxes

Which she plans to sell to get extra pocket money

We have planted seeds in cotton wool in plastic bags so that she can watch them grow

And she has made a Sea Eagle nest

We are also experimenting with dehydrating different fruits and vegetables.

Grated potatoes for hash browns was very successful.

Net making

After making a netting shuttle with my Casström Swedish Forest knife, I decided to make one using a neck-knife I have made.

It’s about 10 years since I last made a fishing net, but with two netting shuttles completed, I thought I would give it a go.

Myself and Kelly have also been ice fishing, but caught nothing.

I used two halves of a split Birch log to make a simple stove on the ice.

So that I could cook coffee

And fry some sausages

As you can see in the picture above, I carved a very simple fork, but using my Casström sfk I have now carved a much better one.

Casström Swedish Forest knife

I have also completed a kåsa and some knives.

A changeable Easter weekend

On Thursday we spent the afternoon doing Easter crafts.

On Good Friday we spent most of the day with our neighbours ice fishing at their lake.

Saturday was a lovely sunny day, though there was a cold wind. We spent most of the day ice fishing with my in-laws,

but we caught nothing

The weather on Sunday was windy with snow showers

We baked bread and cakes most of the day.

Sunday night and Monday was atrocious with heavy snow and gale force winds

This was the view that we awoke to.

Clearing the snow was no easy task

Today has been much calmer and I sat outside carving with my new Casström no. 10. A good knife will carve a decent netting shuttle, and this one did.

Casström no 10

Casström nr10 Swedish Forest Knife

I have recently bought myself a knife (only the second time I have bought one). It is made by Casström, a company based here in Lapland.


The knife I bought is called the number 10 Swedish Forest knife and has a curly Birch handle. The price was reduced due to a mark on the handle, which you really don’t notice.

I am very impressed with the knife. It is both comfortable in the hand and to use. The steel is k720 high carbon steel, with a scandi grind.

The sheath had no firesteel holder, so I made a leather attachment

That fits over the sheath and I made a firesteel

and an extended belt loop so that the knife hangs lower down on my belt

I did not like the sharp edges around the from of the handle so I have rounded them with sandpaper.

I will be thoroughly testing the knife and will let you know how it performs.

Stormy weekend

It was was a rough weekend last weekend with gale force winds, but at least for the majority of time it was sunny.

Myself and Kelly did a couple of tours out with the snowmobile.

And on Sunday morning we took a long early morning stroll.

At my work, we are now all trying to support our local nursing staff by making visors

And face masks made from vacuum cleaner bags.

Many shops and companies here in Gällivare are providing the materials we need for free and we are very grateful to them.

Quinzee completed

We completed the quinzee as planned last weekend.

And Kelly was very pleased with the end result.

Conditions are perfect now for driving the snowmobile, so I was out on a long tour on Sunday.

My neighbour has a cabin and I also visited that to see what it looks like.

I also found sign in the snow that Capercaillies have started displaying. You can see in this picture where it has dragged its wingtips in the snow as it displayed.