It could be a long winter.

Last Thursday night and during most of Friday 20cms of snow fell.  It then turned to rain and by Monday most of the snow had disappeared!! Apparently the weather lore that I wrote about last time does not apply if the snow melts due to rain!!

There are a large number of mice and voles at the moment, and consequently the local population of Hawk Owls has increased.

Hawk Owl Lapland


Local weather lore

Thought I would write about a couple of examples of local weather lore relating to the first snow of winter.

  1. If the first snow to fall settles under the trees, the snow will remain.  If there is still bare ground under the trees, the snow will disappear!
  2. If it snow’s three times without the snow melting, then the snow will remain for the rest of the winter.

The snow has settled under the trees and it has snowed three times without the melting so it would appear that the snow is here to stay!!

More work to complete the cabin

We currently have internet, but I do not know how long for.

I was at the cabin last weekend to work on the inside of the veranda that I built last year.  It was hot work as the temperature is still around 30 degrees C.

The walls and ceiling needed more insulation  and then the hole veranda needed to be lined with chipboard.   Here is how an interior wall looked before I started.

20140802_121622 (Medium)

I have screwed joists to the inside of the walls and put insulation between the joists.  The insulation was then covered with a bitumen coated paper.

20140802_151856 (Medium)

In this picture was can see that the ceiling is completed and most of the wall.

20140803_201354 (Medium)

After so much bird activity at the cabin over the last few weeks, there is now an ire silence as all the birds have now left on there migration south.

Hot weather

For over two weeks now, we have had really hot weather with temperatures over 30 degrees and one day the temperature reached over 40 degrees!.

We have had one male reindeer around the cabin who is being driven crazy by the heat and biting insects.


I have been working up on the metal roof of the cabin where temperatures must have close to 50 degrees.  I have made a sheet metal collar around the chimney stack to prevent rain leaking in.  I have to improvise a clamp to hold the sheet metal and bend it into the desired shape.

improvised clamp

I then rendered the brickwork above the collar to help protect it.

chimney stack

Snow Buntings

The new contract mobile phone I have received (A Samsung Galaxy Express 2)  has NFC – Near Field Communication, as does my Panasonic TZ40 camera.  By touching the two devices together I can then operate my camera remotely via my telephone.  In the picture below you can see my camera out on the snow

P1010050 (Large)

Sitting in my car I can then see on my telephone, what my camera is seeing and using the Panasonic Image App I can fully control the camera via my telephone.

P1010051 (Large)

Here are the end results of some pictures I took of Snow Buntings..

snow bunting-1 (Large)

snow bunting-2 (Large)snow bunting-3 (Large)snow bunting-4 (Large)snow bunting-5 (Large)snow bunting-6 (Large)snow bunting-7 (Large)

Unusual weather again

Each winter I seem to be writing about unusual weather conditions, but no one here can remember it having been so warm in February as it is this year.  It has been above freezing for several days now and today the temperature was + 7 degrees C.  This sort of weather one would expect at the end of March/beginning of April.  A lot of snow is melting now and the snow has already gone from the trees.

spring in nattavaara

They are promising + degrees for the next few days and it will be interesting to see how long it continues.