My Recommended Suppliers

Fenlander’s Store

My  store


Leifs Knives

Knives Infinity

Gränsfors Bruks


Flexcut Tools

Equipment and clothing

Lavenham Army Surplus



Country Covers


Gorilla Pod

Frutina fruit bars


Beyond 2000 BC

Bushcraft Expeditions

Natural Pathways


Pathfinder Lapland

Skogs Hotel


The Bushcraft Magazine

Internet Sites & Resources

Woodlife Network

Institute of Outdoor Learning

Association of Polelathe Turners & Green Woodworkers

The Ecology of Knowledge

Heritage Crafts Association

5 thoughts on “My Recommended Suppliers

  1. Just looking in Kevin!

    How’s life in the fens? Tell me its great….and that there is room for a few neighbours! we’ve been house hunting lately and there are some beautiful spots out there. We might just be dragging down your property prices shortly!

    Hugh & Fiona

    • High Hugh, Hope you are both keeping well. Wow, it would be great to have you as a neighbour! best wishes. Kevin

  2. Hi,

    I have a strange request for you…
    I breed predatory bugs for use in greenhouse crops.
    The idea is you use natural predators instead of pesticides – GREAT!!.

    The predators I breed are mites that eat thrips and whitefly and are found naturally; I just give nature a helping hand by releasing more than would naturally get into the crop from outside.

    I use reedmace pollen to produce the mites but my source in Australia (Cumbhunghi pollen) has dried up.

    Would it be possible to buy some reedmace (Typha) pollen from you or any of your mates?
    I’m after about a litre of the stuff but any would be gratefully recieved.

    Maybe you can send me an email:

    Thanks (I told you it was a strange request…)


    P.S. What a lovely site this is.

    • Hi Simon, I live in Swedish Lapland now and I’m afraid Typha does not grow here and in the UK the Typha will have finished flowering now I’m afraid.

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