Heat wave

As I am writing this, it is 8am and already the temperature is 19 degrees C.  Just about all the snow has melted during the last few days and there is a lot of flooding now in this area.  It must be summer, because the girls have set up the trampoline.

building trampoline

and we have been cooking our meals outside over an open fire.

grilled moose meat

I have now completed Emma’s new knife and sheath


And I have a new friend called Alf, who is a master craftsman and has already taught me a lot.  Here is some of his work.


Last Saturday I attended the annual gathering of ornithologists in Hakkas.


There were much less birds than usual, and I did not get any really nice photo’s, but here are a couple; a Capercaillie and a White Wagtail.

Now the girls have new knives, there mum also wants one, so that’s what I will be working on this week.


Changeable weather

The weather is very changeable to say the least at the moment, with heavy snow, rain or sunshine and temperatures from -5 – +10.  The good news is, that even with the changeable weather, the snow is continuing to melt quickly and soon it will be possible to go walking in the forest.

Birds are continuing to arrive, either to breed or just passing through on migration.  We had about 300 Brambling in the garden yesterday, and I saw a male Ring Ouzel in the village (didn’t manage to get a picture of it unfortunately).


We have a pair of Whooper swans on the stream that runs through the village.  They are waiting for the ice on the lakes to melt so that they can breed.

Hopefully I will have more to write about next time.

Working again

For the last 4 months I have been unemployed, but this week I have started a new job for 6 weeks as a test driver for Nissan.  Unfortunately this means that I have less time to be out and about doing things.

We have many migrant birds arriving back again as the snow melts.  During the last few days there have been many Fieldfare’s returning.


I have also completed a sheath for the neck-knife that I made last week.


I have my camera with me when I am test driving, so I am hoping I might get some nice photo’s during the next week.

A change in the weather

We have gone from warm and sunny, to cold and wet.

The temperature is staying just above freezing, so the snow is still melting.

I have made a couple of new knives. Another neck-knife with a silver inlay

And a larger sheath knife.

The handle is made from leather, Moose horn, Sallow root bur and Birch

Ice-fishing competition

I have been ice-fishing several times during the last week. I always have my Biolite camp stove with me so that I can make a drink and cook sausages when I am on the ice.

The weather has been very warm during the last week and on Sunday we had the village ice-fishing competition and were blessed with a beautiful sunny day

We have also been sitting out on the veranda having bbqs

Kelly likes to sit in a hammock and enjoy the weather.

Ice-fishing in the sun

We have been ice-fishing a few times now


but even with different types of baits and lures, we have not caught any fish.  Even though the days have been cold, we have still enjoyed the sunshine.


On Sunday myself and Kelly went to visit Solberget where I used to work as a guide.  She was very pleased to get to feed the Reindeer.


This weekend it is forecast that the temperature will rise to 7 + degrees, which will be great.  Some migrant birds have started arriving; we have had Snow Buntings for over a week now

snow bunting-1 (863 x 644)

and today, the first Chaffinch returned and the next bird species likely to arrive will be Bramblings.



Easter weekend at my cabin

My family stayed at home over Easter, but I spent the weekend at my cabin.  I spent some time ice-fishing alone


and I also spent time fishing with my neighbours


but unfortunately we did not catch many fish.

I was also out and about with the snowmobile (this picture was taken by my neighbour)


When I first bought my cabin, there was forest all around, but unfortunately the majority of forest has now been removed.  I saw no animals at all while I was there.

Here are a couple of pictures of the full moon from last weekend.



I also took some bird photo’s.  These are of Siberian Jay


siberian jay-lapland

and Willow Tit


and finally a male Pine Grosbeak.


You may recall that I built a sledge earlier in the winter.


I made the seat removable which has meant that it has other uses.  I used it to carry my equipment to the cabin

sled loaded with equipment.jpg

and to collect wood