Jokkmokk’s Christmas Market

Last weekend it was Jokkmokk’s Christmas Market, which is a much smaller and low-key event than the “Winter Market”.  There were just a few small stalls there selling bread and other home made products.


Kelly was really happy because she got to ride in a traditional Sámi sled pulled by a reindeer.


Here is a picture that I took looking from our house to my neighbours house the other evening.  The snow is now  about 50cms deep.



Snow has arrived

During the last 48 hours about 30cms of snow has fallen, and before and after work I have been busy clearing away the snow.  I do not have any nice pictures unfortunately because it is dark when I go to work and it is dark when I come home.  The sun no longer appears above the horizon so we only have a couple of hours of good light, and at the present time I am working inside at my work, building structures to hold new signs for the ski tracks and snowmobile trails.

sign structure

My daughter is very happy because last week she went to see Father Christmas/Santa Claus and gave him her Christmas list.


He has promised to come and visit us again on Christmas Day, just like he did last year!

father christmas

Back again

The internet is finally back again, but we can not be sure for how long.

The weather is just crazy here.  We still have no snow!  This is the view of our garden at the moment.


I have been out in the forest with Teres and Kelly, looking for a Christmas tree.  In the forest there a a thin covering of snow where the sun doesn’t reach.


Kelly found a small structure under a Spruce tree that is convinced was once a Troll’s home.  She covered it with new Spruce branches


and made a Spruce bed inside, just in case the Troll returns.


And of course as usual we made fire and had a cup of hot-chocolate.


We have had a large full moon, and I thought I would finish with a couple of pictures of that.

More soon…if we still have internet!!

Northern Light display

Two nights ago there was an amazing display of Northern Lights; the best I have seen for several years.  The temperature was not so cold at 0 degrees C and it so it was nice to lay in my hammock and watch the display above.


I took many pictures, but unfortunately the majority were unusable due to them being a little blurred.


At work I am currently building sign posts which will be placed along the ski trails, giving directions to towns and villages.


The temperatures remain just above or below 0 degrees and we have only had a few centimetres snow so far.

A new cabin door

Last weekend I was at the cabin with a friend, and we replaced the front door.  The old door did not have so much insulation in it, so we removed the door and cut away the frame.


My friend is a carpenter, so the work went very quickly and after three hours, the new door was fitted.


The temperature on Saturday night was -13 so it was nice to have a well insulated door.

When sleeping out in my new Easy Hammock Bushcraft hammock, I have had problems with the mat moving from under me at night.  To try and resolve this issue, I have bought some “Rug anti slip spray” which is usually applied under rugs to prevent them slipping on floors.

I sprayed the back of my mat with the liquid rubber and it this is how it looked.

20181025_203747 (648 x 1152)

Left to dry over night, the spray turns from white to clear in colour and so far I am very impressed with the results.  Not sure what the long term effect on the material will be though!

Out and about with a GPS

Part of my current job is visiting locations in our county that are attractive to visit, logging them in a GPS and taking photographs.

One of the sites I have visited this week is called “Lombergsfallet” 8fallet meaning waterfall).


I saw both Capercaillie

capercaillie-lapland (2)

and a very obliging fox


At another location, a cabin needed a name sign, so using a router I have made one.  The word “tjäderkojan” means Capercaillie cabin.


I also continue to test my hammock and carry it with me most of the time.


It also works very well as a “one-tree bivvy”.

one-tree bivvy