Seasons Greetings 2017

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It just keeps snowing and snowing!!

Every day it snows at the moment and meteorologists have said that we already have as much snow on the ground as we would usually have in February!  After it had rained almost every day during the summer, I thought that we would not get so much snow this winter.

The railway tracks in Gällivare, outside the tourist centre where I wok are kept clear using a snow-blowing attachment, mounted on a digger arm.  The digger has train wheels on it, so that it can drive along the tracks.


snow clearing warrington

gellivare tourist centre

I have a new camera which I am keen to test, but as it is so cloudy and only light for a short time, I’m not able to test it.  The camera I have purchased is a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000.  The three pictures above are the only ones I have taken with it.  I had no tripod and I must say that I am very pleased with the results.$PDP-Hero-Image-Desktop$

Winter Wonderland

The sun only just appears above the horizon now for a short time, but it does provide some beautiful colours in the sky.

lapland sunrise

The sun rises just over the trees behind our house and so for a short time we see some nice colours in the trees and snow.


Snowmobile sled almost completed

Last weekend I continued to work on construction of the snowmobile sled.  I had previously found a large piece of plastic in a skip, which was perfect to have under the sled.

I warmed it and then moulded it to the shape of the sled and screwed it in place.

snowmobile sled - kevin warrington

I built a seat and floor, both of which can be removed so that I can use the sled for transporting equipment.

Its not completely finished yet, but Kelly could not wait to try it, so we took it out for a test run.

swedish lapland - kevin warrington

snowmobile sled - swedish lapland

I am very pleased with how it works!


Snowmobile sled

I have started making a sled to pull behind our snowmobile.

The runners are part of a bed that I made a few years ago

My idea is that one or two people can sit on the sled and another person can stand on the back.

I will write more about this project when I have done more work on it.

Kelly enjoys our weekend walkso in the forest. Every hole she finds, she has to investigate to see if anything is living in there.

I just hope we don’t find an inhabited bears den!

A brief visit to the cabin

Last Sunday we drove to the cabin. The temperature outside was -8 and it was very cold in the cabin.

We made fire in the stove and then went outside to chop wood and clear snow.

We then went for a walk and found evidence of Beavers.

They had felled 2 large Aspens This is the first time I have seen evidence of beaver at the cabin for 9 years.

It was still cold in the cabin when we went back in, so we made coffee and then a hot meal.

Dad was not wearing warm clothes unfortunately and even after we had eaten,he was still very cold, so we decided to go home.