A brief visit to my cabin

The majority of snow has now melted so I was able to drive to th cabin on Monday with dad to check that everything was ok.  Because of my slipped disk, we have not been able to get there over the winter.

cabin-2 cabin-1

There were very few birds there, but there were several Wood Sandpipers dispalying.


While driving along a road, there was a Moose standing in front of us.  It moved to the side and then stood there so that I could photograph it


Yesterday we had a Common crane visit our garden

common crane-1 common crane-2

On Friday I am going to hospital to see a doctor to find out what they are going to do about my back problem.  I’m assuming (and hoping) that it will be another operation.

More spring activity

We still have a large number of Bramblings feeding in the garden.

brambling lapland

Frogs have also emerged from hibernation now and are breeding

frogs lapland

The pair of Beavers are back at the usual site that I visit.


There are also many Capercaillie along the edges of the roads now


and wading birds such as Spotted Redshank have now returned to breed

spotted redshank


Structural improvements

After Dave left some comments about structural improvements to my out-building I felt I must try to address issues he had raised.  Not sure if I understood everything correctly, but I hope so!!

I have built an internal frame around the door opening

door frame

The door I am going to use, is a sliding door that i was give, which I will fit on the outside of the building once I have nailed the outside panels on.

I could not obtain more 2″ x 5″ to strengthen the roof, but the local saw-mill did have a 2″ x 6″ left, so I have placed this mid-way under the rafters to provide support and help spread the weight.

roof support

I also found an old window which I have now mounted on one side of the building to provide a little light inside.

window fitted

As usual, I am never alone when working ;>)

siberian jay nattavaara


Things are starting to happen

We still have a lot of snow (about 1 metre deep) but as the days get longer and warmer, it gradually melts.  We have been out enjoying the sunshine and the mince beef sausage which is now dry and ready to eat

dried mincebeef sausageBirds such as Whooper Swan, Greenfinch, Snow Bunting and Chaffinch are returning and just now we have an unusual visitor to the garden, a Siberian Nutcracker.

siberian nutcracker-1 siberian nutcracker-2We had one in 2010 that spent the winter here, but they do not breed here.

Spring is here

We have had clear blue skies for several days now and the temperature during the middle of the day is getting a few degrees above freezing.

We have a pair of Great Tits building a nest in one of the nest boxes in our garden.

Today in Koskuskulle village there were several small flocks of Snow Buntings flying around

snow bunting-1 (Large)

and this evening there is a Tengmalm’s Owl singing here in Nattavaara.

tengmalms owl-2 (Small)

It could be a long winter.

Last Thursday night and during most of Friday 20cms of snow fell.  It then turned to rain and by Monday most of the snow had disappeared!! Apparently the weather lore that I wrote about last time does not apply if the snow melts due to rain!!

There are a large number of mice and voles at the moment, and consequently the local population of Hawk Owls has increased.

Hawk Owl Lapland

More work to complete the cabin

We currently have internet, but I do not know how long for.

I was at the cabin last weekend to work on the inside of the veranda that I built last year.  It was hot work as the temperature is still around 30 degrees C.

The walls and ceiling needed more insulation  and then the hole veranda needed to be lined with chipboard.   Here is how an interior wall looked before I started.

20140802_121622 (Medium)

I have screwed joists to the inside of the walls and put insulation between the joists.  The insulation was then covered with a bitumen coated paper.

20140802_151856 (Medium)

In this picture was can see that the ceiling is completed and most of the wall.

20140803_201354 (Medium)

After so much bird activity at the cabin over the last few weeks, there is now an ire silence as all the birds have now left on there migration south.

Wildlife camera pictures

I had my Little Acorn Wildlife camera out for 5 days to see what was coming to the log pile I had made.

There were many pictures of small rodents, which were not of good quality and many pictures of Siberian Jay; this was the best one.

siberian jay-3 (Small)

This rather blurred image is of a Pied Flycatcher catching insects.

pied flycatcher-2 (Small)

The Three-toed Woodpecker also returned, but unfortunately the Black Woodpecker didn’t.

three-toed woodpecker-2 (Medium)three-toed woodpecker-3 (Medium)


fieldfare young (Medium)And a family of Red Squirrels also visited several times.

red squirrel (Small) squirrel family (Small)Many thanks to Ron at http://www.ronburyswildlife.com for all his help and advice in fixing the exposure problems I had with the camera.

Back home from the cabin

We have lived at the cabin for the past three weeks and arrived back home today.  Unfortunately the mobile phone coverage is so bad there, that I could not blog as much as I had planned.

I have put up many new nest boxes over the past few years and the bird population is increasing.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of the Siberian Tits nesting close to the cabin.

siberian tit-2 siberian tit-1

We have 5 pairs of Pied Flycatcher that have all reared young

pied flycatcher (Large)

Birds not using nest boxes, but that also successfully fledged young included a pair of Wood Sandpipers, a pair of Common Sandpipers and a pair of Spotted Redshank

spotted redshank

Two pairs of Brambling reared young and a pair of Three-toed Woodpecker have a nest site close buy but I haven’t located it.  Fortunately they come to feed on a log pile that I have  put out for wildlife

three-toed woodpecker

as did a Black Woodpecker, but unfortunately I did not manage to get a photo of it.  The log pile has been so productive, that I put my wildlife camera there for a few days and I will put up some of the pictures it took next time.