Lapland Spring 2009 – 25th May

Temperature dropped to zero degrees last night.  After filtering buckets of rain water through parachute material

filtering rain water (Medium)

I decided to have a shower.  Then I checked the fish trap but unlike last year when I trapped several fish, so far I had caught nothing…..and today was no different!!  (I had planned to make some willow traps but all the areas of willow I visited had been devastated by Moose during the winter and the wands were only 30 – 40cms long).  Keen to try out my new frying pan I decided to make a dry bannock bread mix, adding dried fruit and nuts, dig some worms for bait and go fishing

bannock ingredients (Medium)

After a couple of hours staring at a float with only one bite, I decided to make a  fire to fry the bread on.  I gathered loose Birch bark from the trees

birch bark (Small)

and the charred remains of a previous fire to get the fire going.

fire (Small)

I added water from the lake to my dry mix to make a dough

mixing bannock (Small)

I always make my breads smaller than the pan because then I find it much easier to get a spoon or spatula underneath it to turn it over.

dough in pan (Small)

I cooked it for a few minutes on each side

cooking bannock (Medium)

sprinkled a little sugar on to caramelise and it was done.

fried bannock (Small)

Because I was wearing my crusader cup possibles pouch, containing sugar, coffee and hot chocolate I was also able to make a brew.

possibles pouch (Small)

Later I walked to an area where bear had been seen to see if there were any fresh signs, but there wasn’t any evidence at all

looking for bear sign (Small)

However that wasn’t to be the case the following day…..

I did get nice views of a Hazel Grouse (Bonasa bonasia) which was a new species for this visit.

As Simon and Sebastian are both fans of Crocodile Dundee I spent the evening making and testing a “Bullroarer” to give to them.  I carved a piece of wood to the dimensions 60cm long x 4cm wide and 1cm thick.  Made a hole in one end with my knife and attached a piece of string.

bullroarer (Small)

Here it is in action (the bird you can hear is a displaying Wood Sandpiper)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hazel Grouse was the only new species today.  I noted that it was very quiet for birds this evening.