Wilderness shirt

I have designed a new wilderness shirt, which a friend has now made for me.

wilderness shirt-kevin warrington

The material is worsted wool, with leather sewn across the shoulders and around the collar.  I have also sewn leather along the bottom edge of the two breast pockets.  The buttons I have made from Moose horn.

The back of the shirt is longer, so that it covers my backside.

naturallore-wilderness shirt

The shirt has a poly-cotton lining to reduce wind penetrating.

wilderness shirt polycotton lining

There is a leather baffle in the front to also reduce cold air penetrating inside.

wilderness shirt leather baffle

I am very pleased with the end result and it is incredibly warm.  A belt warn over the shirt, around the waist helps to hold in warm air.


Kiruna Saami museum

There are very good cultural museums in Jokkmokk and Gallivare, but I was unaware of a Saami museum in Kiruna until I visited Kiruna for a day with Adrian last week.  The museum is away from the city centre and is called Samegarden and I promised that I would promote the museum here for anyone visiting Kiruna.  You can learn much about the Saami traditions and clothing

the different designs of clothes for each Saami community

Here is an old Saami man in his winter clothing made from Reindeer skins

This man is depicted using a traditional frame drum

I was pulling a modern pulk to the cabin but here is the traditional one pulled by Reindeer

A view inside a traditional Saami dwelling (so many people lived in such a small space)

and of course there are many examples of traditional crafts such as knives and carvings but also hunting items such as these rolled Birch bark floats for fishing nets

and these bark pouches with a stone inside to weight the nets at the bottom

It costs 20 SEK to visit and is well worth the price and there is information available in English about the displays.

Quy/Fenland Country Fair & Country Covers

Today I have been at Fenland Country Fair held at Stow-Cum-Quy near Cambridge.  You can read about the event at the link provided.

The reason I am writing about this event is because Country Covers the civilian partner of Arktis were there and as I already use some of there equipment and now have a couple of new items to try out on my next trip to Lapland, I thought I would give them a mention and recommend them to you.

I have their A190 Stowaway Shirt (about 3/4’s of the way down the page) which is designed to be wind and water resistant and helps to trap heat.  It weighs 150g packs down incredibly small and fits in your pocket.  I carry one with me every day.

P1030596 (Small)

I have one of their A110 Field Shirts in olive to try out.  It is designed to permit superior ventilation and the outer fabric is robust, resilient and hard wearing, featuring; 2 large front zipped pockets, 2 front button pockets, tabbed buttons for extra strength, vented back with mesh lining and fully adjustable cuffs.

Field shirt (Small)

I also have a D190 Antarctic Shirt (about 3/4’s of the way down the page).  It’s made of 70% Merino wool and treated to prevent irritation to your skin.  It features, a long tail for maximum heat retention, thumb cuff hand warmers and zipped rollover collar.

Antarctic shirt (Small)