Dawn and dusk in Nattavaara

Although the sun no longer appears above the horizon, we still have dawn and dusk here.  Dusk is at around 2pm just now

and dawn is at 9am.  It took this series of pictures this morning when the temperature was -23 degrees.

and behind me the moon was shining over the trees

Here’s a short atmospheric video I also made.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bird survey

It’s a busy time of year for surveying and monitoring species.  I was up early the other morning to do a dawn survey of the birds on one of our reserves

Bird survey-2

Each species of bird in the United Kingdom has its own unique code .  In the case of this Song Thrush the code is ST

Bird survey-5 (Small)

Standing at a specific location for 15 minutes

Bird survey-3

I record all the birds I see and hear around me on a sheet of paper using codes

Bird survey-6 (Small)

If a species is singing I put a circle around the code, if it is calling I draw a line under the code, if it is flying I draw an arrow to represent its direction of flight

Bird survey-1

This is repeated at 15 locations on the site, 6 times during the spring.