Items I carry in the forest everyday

I start my new job on Wednesday as Project Leader for the nature center we are creating in Dokkas, so I will not have so much time to get out and about and as so I probably will not be posting as much.

I thought it might be interesting to see what I carry with me on a daily basis when I am out in the forest.

The first item is a piece of carry mat to sit on when the ground is wet or covered in snow.  I carry it rolled up with a piece of parachute cord tied around

Inside the mat I have a small bottle of water (because there is often not water available in the middle of the forest) and I store dry material for making fire.

I carry my titanium mug in a leather pouch clipped to my belt and inside the mug I have a leather pouch containing instant coffee and stock cubes.

I also have my knife and sharpening kit on my belt and in my pockets; strike anywhere matches, parachute cord, hemp cord (for making fire), camera, a spare camera battery and SD card.

Around my neck I have a small torch, a wooden spoon and the kit I carry in my neck pouch.

1. Small knife, with blade, scissors, tooth pick and small tweezers.
2. Some reindeer sinew and a bone awl and bone needle.
3. A piece of carbon steel chainsaw file, a piece of flint, a piece of true tinder fungus, a char tube and some sisal string – all of which I use in combination for fire lighting.
4. A small firesteel and a glue stick from a hot glue gun.
5. Reindeer leather neck pouch


Winter kit part 2

With clothing listed in my  previous post now I will cover equipment.

From top left my log book, a silk liner ( I will not be taking a sleeping bag because I already have one there), wash kit, water bottle, mug and lid, thread for making nets and below that my bone netting gauge and needle (I have been asked to teach net making), my Gorilla Pod and camera, the kit I wear around my neck, sun glasses, Leatherman Wave, Opinal and firesteel, my knife, Gerber folding saw, then below my tinder pouch, a pouch containing spare batteries for my phone and camera, my sewing kit, lip balm and possibles pouch.


Again from top left fruit leather, hot chocolate, sharpening kit, parachute cord, below my flint steel firelighting kit, a reusable tea bag for natural teas, GPS, compass and maps.


Finally a cattail doll I have made as a gift, as is the whiskey, my Swedish dictionary and the most recent kuksa I have made.


Total kit weight 18.5kgs

Winter kit Part 1

Just in the process of preparing for my next trip to Swedish Lapland and thought it might be of interest for you to see what I will be taking with me.  There will be deep snow and the  temperatures I encounter could be anything from around zero degrees to minus fifty degrees.  At the time of righting this the temperature there is currently minus 16 degrees.

Firstly I have three grades of merino wool thermals which will be warn in combination, depending on temperature.  I will wear the light-weight set to travel and carry the medium grade in my hand luggage  (just in case my main bag gets lost)


Next I have six pairs of merino wool socks in two different grades of thickness and two pairs of the merino wool shoe liners I made.  I will be wearing one pair of socks and boot liners for travelling and carrying two pairs of socks in my hand luggage.


From the top left I have Swedish army worsted wool trousers (very very warm), next to them a pair of Fjallraven trousers which I will wear while travelling, below them my zoot suit and a set of braces.


I have a fur hat for travelling on a snow mobile, a wool hat for general use, a shemagh (which I will also use as my towel) and a wool neck tube.


From top left a Canadian military wool shirt, my Swanndri hooded bushshirt, below that my leather mittens, merino wool mittens and a pair of pilots gloves and finally my Swedish army winter parker with a coyote fur trim I have added around the hood.


Now for footwear; Top left my Canadian military Mukluks, next to them my walking boots which I shall travel in, and below the felted wool liners for my mukluks.