A bit more to report this wek

There has been a lot happening during the last week and daytime temperatures have been up to 15 degrees C

We have 2 – 300 Bramblings feeding in the garden at the moment

brambling-2 brambling-1

On Saturday we had a male Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) here


which is very rare because their range does not extend this far north!

Yesterday we had 12 Lapland Buntings feeding in our garden.  These pictures I took through my telescope with my Samsung Galaxy telephone and the results were surprisingly good


lapland bunting-2 lapland bunting-1During last weekend the breakup began on the rivers and there was an ice jam here in Nattavaara

ice break up nattavaara-3 ice break up nattavaara-2 ice break up nattavaara-1

The jam broke up before any flooding took place.

The first snow has arrived

Yesterday we had some rain and sleet showers and the temperature last night was -3 degrees.

This morning when I got up, it was snowing and it continued to snow for most of the day.

nattavaara snow 2013

This evening however, the snow turned to rain.   We are hoping that the temperature does not drop again tonight, and the rain freeze.

Work and a little play

I have had to work over the weekend, so haven’t had much chance to get out and about.  However, I did get out into the forest with Barbara and Karine on Friday evening.  Each summer we have people from all around the world who come to Nattavaara to spend their summer working and running our summer café.  Barbara and Karine were here two years ago and enjoyed it so much they are back again, so on Friday evening I took them out into the forest and cooked an evening meal for them over the fire.

barbara and karine with fire (Small)

They grilled some sausage over the fore while we were waiting for the food to cook.

barbara and karine (Medium)

I cooked a meat stew, bannock bread, popcorn and bananas with chocolate.  They enjoyed the food, but not all the mosquitoes!!

On Saturday we have Nattavaara’s Hembygdsdagen, a gathering for those who live or who have lived in Nattavaara.

summer cafe (Medium)

It rained heavily during the day unfortunately, but there were still a lot of people there to buy homemade cakes and bread.

bread and cakes sale (Medium)

In the evening we had an outdoor pub but I didn’t take any pictures because I was drunk!!

nattavaara summer cafe (Small)

What a difference a day makes!

We were out fishing on Saturday.  It was cloudy and around 0 degrees.  Unfortunately the fish were not interested in our bait and only Emma caught a fish, but the fish got off the hook as she took it out of the ice hole.

On Sunday the sun was shining and it was + 10 degrees.  I had to work as there was going to be an outdoor church service at the Arctic Circle where we have a Polar Circle Portal (this a picture from summer 2010)

polar circle (Large)

It was a 40km drive with the snowmobile

malmensvagen (Large)

malmensvagen-2 (Large)

I stopped halfway for a coffee break.

cooking coffee in fire

We had a number of people who travelled by snowmobile to the church service

snowmobiles at polar circle (Medium)

We provided food for everyone, which was fried reindeer meat and vegetables

reindeer meat (Small)

There were about 30 people present for the service and everyone had a great time.

people at polar circle (Medium)

people at polar circle-2 (Medium)

The weather continues to be warm and the snow is melting very fast now.

Laleh in Nattavaara

Laleh Pourkarim is an Iranian-born Swedish singer-songwriter and former actress. She uses her given name Laleh as her stage name.  Her song “Some Die Young” was the most played song on Swedish radio in 2012.

Yesterday Laleh visited Nattavaara with a film crew who are making a film about her and her life.  They wanted to film her playing the piano in Hembygdsgarden (an old school).

Nattavaara Hembygdsgarden

I spent the  morning cleaning all the rooms and clearing snow outside the building.

At 1pm we started preparing food for their evening meal

preparing lunch nattavaara (Medium)

They were delayed filming at another location and did not arrive until 5pm.  After setting up film equipment

preparing filming (Medium)

and tuning the piano

tuning piano (Large)

they ate the meal we had prepared

laleh in nattavaara

They spent two hours filming  and recording her playing the piano and singing.

laleh playing the piano

We all had a great time and look forward to seeing the program on Swedish TV later this year.