Drilling and Northern lights

Last week a company came to drill for our geothermal heating.  They had to drill 24m down before they hit bed-rock and then they drilled 205m down into the bed-rock.


2x 230m long x 50mm diameter black plastic pipes were then fed down into the hole, and then connected into the house, where the circulation pump will be installed next week.

We have had some fantastic displays of Northern Light over the past week.

northern-light-8 northern-light-7 northern-light-6

On Thursday it was even visible before it got dark.

northern-light-3 northern-light-4

This is due to a very high KP index just now.  The kp number system is a scale of geomagnetic activity.  You can learn much more about the KP index by following this link http://www.aurora-service.eu/aurora-school/all-about-the-kp-index/.

There was also a full moon that coincided with this


Cloudy weather is forecast for the next 10 days so it is unlikely that I will get more pictures unfortunately.

Get the shovel out

I haven’t written for a couple of weeks because I have been to visit my mum and dad as my mum is very ill now (it’s not so easy living hear and having no brothers or sisters to help to care of my parents back in England).

The first snow fell here while I was in England (but has since melted), and temperatures are below freezing at night and not much above freezing during the day, so there is now ice on the lakes.

Yesterday I had a lorry load of……..forgotten the English word for it, but it is called filling if I translate from Swedish.  It is crushed stone (a by-product from the local gold mine)

gravel floor

which I have to now shovel in to the new outbuilding and once I have compressed it down, it will be like concrete.

There have also been some fantastic displays of northern lights recently.  Here are a couple of pictures I took this evening just after it got dark.

northern lights-3 northern lights-2



Fishing at the cabin

While in Killinge  a few weeks ago I tried fly-fishing for the first time and although I caught nothing, I really enjoyed it.  Not having much money at the moment I searched for a good deal on the internet and found this; http://www.flextec.co.uk/products/flextec-fly-fishing-kit-rod-reel-line-flies-and-landing-net  and order the kit.

flextec fly fishing kitI had read some reviews and all stated that Flextec is good quality equipment for the price and I would have to say that I agree.

I spent a lot of time fishing at the cabin last weekend in my inflatable canoe, both with Emma and alone

emma in canoe

I tested the fly-fishing kit and although I did not get any bites, I found it easy to get nice long casts with the rod.  The only problem was that the flies sank all the time, so I need to buy something to help keep them afloat.

I did catch 11 Perch  with a spinner and 1 Grayling

grayling laplandand Emma caught a Perch using a worm as bait.


I’m looking forward to next summer when I can really test my new fly-fishing rod!

On Saturday evening we were treated to a fine display of Northern Lights.  Unfortunately this picture does not do them justice, but you can just see a green haze over the trees.



Northern Lights….what a fantastic display

On Wednesday night between 10 and 11pm there was a fantastic display of the Northern Lights; the best many people can remember here!!

I stood in my garden watching the beautiful colours and patterns in the sky, coming from every direction (even in the south).  After some time I realised I should be taking some photographs but unfortunately by the time I had fetched my camera and located my Gorilla Pod the best of the display was over.  However, here are the best pictures I was able to take

In this final picture the light was so bright that it is actually over exposed with a 15 second exposure!

Back from another visit to the UK

I arrived back yesterday from another visit to the UK.  Unfortunately I am still not feeling so well and so did not do all the things I had planned, but I did manage to meet up with all my green woodworking friends at Bradfield Woods.

It very quickly felt like I had not been away for one year.

Some of them were busy installing a second stove for cooking and heating,

everyone spent much time eating and talking, and some were even doing some green woodworking!!

I arrived back hereto find that spring has suddenly arrived.  When I left on 28th February the temperature was just above freezing, and it has been the same every day during my absence, with much sunshine also.  The trees have lost their thick white coating of snow and ice and are green again, the surface snow on the ground has melted and that makes it much easier to get around now.

Last night when I was out just after dark, I was treated to the most spectacular display of Northern Lights I have ever seen.  The whole sky from west to north to east was full of colour as the green, blue, yellow and red light danced across the sky.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me but you can see for yourself what it was like via Arctic Color.  Here are the images taken from webcam number 3 three yesterday and these images show particularly well what I was seeing!!