Paper rockets

On Friday evening we travelled to the cabin.  It wasn’t easy driving the snowmobile, because in some places there was no now, and in others there was deep snow, which the snowmobile sunk into.  I had to make two trips in to the cabin; one with Emma on the back of the snowmobile and then with Teres.

By the time we had made fire, got the cabin warm inside and cooked food, it was getting late so we went to bed.

Saturday was cold, with heavy showers of rain, sleet, hale and snow.

snowing-1 (Medium)

I spent the early part of the morning cutting up two Birch that had come down over winter.  When I started, the snow was hard enough to walk on and I used the snowmobile to drag large lengths of timber, but then both I and the snowmobile began sinking into the snow.  So I resorted to cutting smaller pieces and transporting them by dragging with the pulka.

wood on pulka (Medium)

Emma was bored in the cabin, so we made some paper rockets (many tutorials on YouTube)

papper rockets-1 (Large)

which were made to fit over a piece of plastic tube.  When you blow hard into the tube

papper rockets-2 (Medium)

the rockets fly across the room (the yellow streak you see in the picture below)

papper rockets-3 (Large)

we made different designs to see which flew the best.  Teres even made some paper birds for Emma to shoot down with the rockets

papper rocket target (Large)

In between snow showers

snowing-2 (Small)

we tested them outside and they flew surprisingly high.

I was a bit concerned as to how we would get back to the car, because the snow was now wet and soft.  Fortunately the sky cleared during the evening and at 4am when the temperature was -5 degrees and the snow nice and hard, I woke Teres and Emma, and we packed to leave.  I was reluctant to make two trips again so we put Emma in the pulka and drove out without any problems!

leaving cabin-1 (Medium)

emma in pulka

Another weekend fishing

On Saturday I took the snowmobile to my cabin.  I dragged a pulka behind the snowmobile, which contained my rucksack.

skoter och pulka

Last year all the small rodents were killed during the winter and so since then we have seen no evidence of small rodents, so I was surprised to find hundreds of small rodent tracks around the cabin.  The tracks belonged to shrews (didn’t manage to get a photo of one of the shrews unfortunately).

shrew tracks

The temperature had been -24 earlier in the morning, but laying out on the ice fishing it felt quit warm.

laying on ice

The sun is just coming up over the tree tops now

cabin with winter sun

On Sunday I went fishing with my neighbour Folke.  I caught 1 Rainbow trout.

Folke made fire on the ice using an oven tray

fire on ice

placed on two pieces of wood were we cooked coffee.

fire on ice-2 (Large)

Segebaden pulka

I have written before about using a pulka or tabogan to carry equipment.  The two pulkas I have are made by a company called Segebaden (they also make pulkas for the military)

The first pulk I aquired is made of timber and has a canvas top.  In the picture below I am using it to transport the weekly recycling.

My second pulka is made of fibreglass, also with a canvas top

Both pulkas have ridges running along the underside to help ensure the pulka travels in a straight line

Recently I used it to transport tools and materials to a cabin we have, about 15 minutes walk from our house

On this occassion I was dragging the pulka using two ski poles, but there are two different yokes you can buy for the pulka; one for a person to use and one for a dog to use.

With a temperature of -33 the cabin was very cold

I quickly got a fire going and after about 1 hour the cabin started to get warm

I was there to construct a floor for the veranda

which will enable guetes to sit out and watch the nature and Northern Lights from the veranda.