It just keeps snowing

During the last four days it has snowed continually and over a metre of snow has fallen.  No one can remember so much snow falling in  such a shoer time in living memory.  To give you an idea of how deep the snow is now, I placed Kelly’s pram on an area where snow has been ploughed away and behind you can see where the snow has been left.

deep snowThe snow that has fallen is very powdery making it dificult to walk in snowshoes, skiis or drive a snowmobile.

Unwelcomed visitors

Last Thursday (30th October) I drove to the cabin to drop off the trailer.  When I got out of my car I noticed part of the door frame laying on the  veranda floor.

broken door-1

On closer inspection I saw that my cabin had been broken in to!!

They had gone through all the draws


and containers


They found the keys to all the doors, but destroyed all the doors and locks anyway.

broken door-4

There were 5 other cabins that were also broken in to, including Teres’ parent cabin where they also broke 2 windows.

They took a variety of tools and cans of petrol and diesel + my neighbours grandson’s snowmobile!

We spent the weekend at the cabin, but instead of a relaxing, fun weekend; I spent the weekend cleaning and repairing doors.

door repaired door repaired-2

On Saturday it snowed heavily, but we got out ok with the cars on Sunday.

snowfall lapland


Easter at the cabin

Last weekend we were at the cabin for four days.

We spent most of the time fishing

ice fishing at cabin

and enjoying the sun

mettajavi 2013

There was also a lot of coffee cooked and sausage grilled over the fire

family around fire (Medium)

I also used the Swedish Fire Torch to cook coffee

swedish fire torch

I caught 8 large Perch


Sebastian and myself also spent time driving snowmobiles with his grandfather and our neighbours

snowmobiles (Large)

on top of a hill (Large)

Clearing snow from the cabin roof

Today myself, Teres and Emma have been to the cabin.

Teres and Emma with snowmobile

There was a lot of heavy snow on the cabin roof (105cms in depth) which had to be removed!

clearing snow from cabin roof

While we were on the roof clearing snow, Emma was busy making things out of wood

Emma woodworking

We had a break for lunch and sat outside enjoying the sunshine.

lunch at the cabin

It took us about 4 hours to remove all the snow from the cabin roof.  Here’s how it looked when I first arrived…

lapland cabin winter 2013

and here it is after we had finished.

kevin warrington cabin lapland

A snowmobile can’t swim!!

I had planned to take the family ice-fishing today, and because we have had a lot of snow recently I decided to drive the snowmobile to the lake yesterday afternoon to create a path to drive on.  Emma wanted to come with me so we headed out at about 3pm.

It was 10kms to the lake and it wasn’t so difficult driving conditions as I had anticipated.  When we arrived at the lake, I left Emma at the side of the lake and decided to drive around the lake to press down the snow.  As I drove out onto the lake it became obvious that there was quite a bit of water laying between the snow and ice.  As I tried to turn the snowmobile around it broke through the ice!!

The skis at the front of the machine were still on snow and ice, but the track that drives the machine was in a half metre of water.  I do not have any winter waterproof boots, only insulated leather boots, so when I climbed from the snowmobile into a half metre of water, my feet got very wet.

Fortunately there was double ice on the lake and the snowmobile had only broken through the top layer, but when I tried to drive the machine out, it would no move!

I walked through freezing water and up to where I had left Emma in the forest (it was now starting to get dark).   I explained what had happened and was sure she would start to cry (she is 6 years old), but instead she said “Ok, I will dig a hole in the snow and collect wood so we can make fire”.  I was so amazed and pleased with her response.

I walked back to the snowmobile and called a friend to ask advice on how to get the machine out.  He said that I would need to collect a lot of branches to put under the front of the snowmobile to drive on and then lift the back of the snowmobile up onto the ice (this I could not do).  I then called another friend and asked if he could come out and collect Emma because I was worried that she would be scared.

I returned to the forest to collect branches and help Emma make fire.   She had dug down into the snow with her hands and prepared the fire sight.    It did not take long to get a fire going.

fire in the forest

I told Emma that someone was coming to collect her, but she said she was not scared or worried, because she felt safe with me in the forest and was sure I would get the snowmobile out of the lake.

I left Emma to keep the fire going and returned to the lake with the branches.  I started the snowmobile and found that I could drive it backwards a little.  Then I laid down the branches and standing at the side of the snowmobile I tried to drive it forward.  The machine moved about a metre and then stopped because of snow collecting at the front of the machine.  I put on my snowshoes and pressed down a path in the snow where I could drive the snowmobile.  I  removed the snowshoes (by now my feet were freezing cold) reversed the snowmobile again and then drove it forwards.  It started to move and the back rose up out of the water and as I walked at the side of the machine it continued to move.  Just as my friend arrived I jumped onto the snowmobile and drove it onto the edge of the lake (I was so embarrassed that he had driven so far for nothing!!).

I picked up Emma and we drove home.  It was 6pm when we arrived home.

Due to the conditions on the lake, my family did not want to fish today, so I went there with my neighbour again.

ice fishing kevin warrington

We also made fire and cooked reindeer meat and coffee.

arctic lunch

I caught one Arctic Char and Folke caught three.  We left the snowmobiles at the edge of the lake!!

P1010393 (Medium)

The first snow has arrived

Yesterday at about 15:00 it started to snow

Emma was pleased and was quickly outside to make her first snowman of the winter

Someone slid off of the road and into the ditch outside our house and I’m sure there were many others who had the same problem.

Fortunately, this morning most of the snow had disappeared but I’m sure it will not be long before more returns!

Solberget quinzee

Two people at Solberget wanted to sleep in a quinzee, so we built one.

We began by clearing snow from an area and then piled snow on to the cleared area.

We made a pile of snow that was two metres high and three metres in diameter.  We compressed the snow using skis and snowshoes and then inserted 20cm long sticks over the whole quinzee.

When hollowing out the snow, the sticks are used as a guide to provide a even wall thickness.

I always make a raised sleeping platform so that the cold air sinks below the level where you lay.

Here is the completed quinzee with a reindeer skin door