5 days at the cabin in April 2010 – Part 4

I spent some time making a Reindeer horn knife sheath

and this little vice proved to be a very useful addition in my backpack.

My neighbours Anita and Gillis were at their cabin and this was a good opportunity for me to practice my Swedish.  Gillis spent a lot of time ice fishing so I went with him to try and pick up some tricks and tips

and although he had been catching fish before I joined him…he caught nothing once I was with him!!

They loaned me a pair of snowshoes Gillis had made to get around in the forest and I find them very good to use.

It was only while staying at the cabin that I realised it is already still light at 11pm light again at 3am.  And of course as the days get longer and warmer, the mosquitoes will soon appear!


Primitive vice

In order to work on small pieces of bone, flint and antler I have made a very simple vice which works very well. I split a piece of Hazel a few centimeters along it’s length using a flint wedge and pointed the other end to push into the ground. In the picture below I have a flint saw secured and am using it to cut through a piece of bone.

The addition of a piece of Ash wood to rest the vice on adds to its stability, allows more pressure to be applied and by moving the piece of Ash nearer of further away the height can be adjusted.

The vice can be held against the wood using the foot or knee.

John Lord sets small pieces of flint into a split stick to pressure flake them and I used this method to make my drill tips in the post below.