New species at my cabin and a wood burner

Using an old 20 litre oil drum I found on the side of the road and a piece of metal drain pipe, I have made a small wood burning stove to use on the veranda at my cabin.

I put 25mm sand in the bottom to help protect the bottom of the oil can.  I drilled a series of holes around the can, 15cms up from the bottom as air intakes.  The door has a diameter of 25cms and the drain pipe/flue has a diameter of 9cms.

It burns very well and very efficiently and provides a good source of heat when sitting out in the evenings.

A new bird species sitting in a tree calling was a beautiful male Pine Grosbeak/Tallbit (you can listen to the call on the page I have linked too).

Another new species so close to my cabin was completely unexpected!!

When I looked out of the cabin window I saw some large footprints

On closer inspection I could see they were from a Wolf.  The best print I have covered with a tin lid to protect it.  The Wolf must have walked around the cabin the previous evening (it gets dark at 5 now) when the ground was wet.  Then later in the evening the temperature dropped to -6 and froze the ground leaving perfect prints

This particular print measured 11.5cms.

The gait measured exactly 100cms.

Here’s a picture of another bird that is resident at my cabin now, but can you see what it is??……..