It’s soon time to move house

I am now back in Sweden and was greeted on my arrival back home by yet another power-cut which this time lasted 44 hours.  Apparently Vattenfall (the company responsible for supplying power here in Sweden) have said that it was wet snow which fell and coated the power-lines that caused the problem.  strange that snow falls here every year and we have not had sooooooo much problem with power-cuts previously.

Vattenfall said on the radio that customers could go to their internet site for updates on the power-cut…….how are we supposed to access the internet when we have no electricity!!!!!!

The village shop here in Nattavaara is owned and run by the village.  We approached Vattenfall to provide a large generator to run all the fridges and freezers so that food and goods in the shop would not be damaged, but they refused to do this and so twice now we have had to throw away most of the food we sell in the shop, which we just cannot afford to do!  The poor customer service at Vattenfall could mean that the shop has to close down (especially if we have more power-cuts)!

We now have about 20cm snow coating the ground and yesterday it -25 degrees C.

Next Tuesday we move to our new house

house in lapland

and before Christmas (when the family arrive) I have to have insulated and converted the upstairs to bedrooms and a play room; but more about that soon.

I am also planning to install a battery back-up system so that when the power-cuts come, we have lighting in the house via batteries.  I will also install a wood burning stove to provide heat.  Heating in the house comes from burning wood pellets, but the water pump and the motor that feeds in pellets to be burnt, requires power.

If anyone has read this book “Stalker” by Lars Kepler;



The police receive a short film-sequence of a woman in a window. Someone must have been standing in the garden just outside her house to be able to film her. The next day the woman is found dead in her home, the vicious violence at the scene shocks even the most seasoned investigators.

A few days later, another film clip is sent to the police, but there’s no way of identifying the woman before she too falls victim to a brutal attack. When he finds her, the woman’s husband is so traumatised by the violent scene that he starts cleaning the house in a state of panic. He even washes the blood off his wife’s body, and puts her to bed, as if nothing is the matter.

His acute state of shock and short-term memory loss prevents the police from questioning him. Criminal psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark is called in to hypnotise the man in order to unlock his memories of the murder scene. What Erik Maria Bark uncovers in his sessions, makes him start lying to the police.

It’s clear that the case cannot be solved without the help of Joona Linna, the man who’s been missing since more than a year and is presumed dead.

the main fictional character “Joona Linna” lives at the exact place where we are moving too!

Ouse Washes Nature Reserve

Still currently in England.

On Wednesday I enjoyed and afternoon birdwatching with my friend Bruce Martin.


I first met Bruce when I was eleven years old and he has been there ever since (along with his wife Gwen who sadly passed away last year) to help and encourage me during my life working in nature conservation.

The Ouse Washes at Welches Dam is owned and managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and I worked there for two years from the age of 16 when I left school.  In fact one of the hides that we sat in, I helped to build 30 years ago!


We saw a nice variety of birds (many of which spend their summer with us in Northern Scandinavia) including a pair of Common Cranes


One of the cranes has colour rings on its legs and is a bird released as part of a re-introduction project.


This particular individual is a female called Beatrice.


Blue Red White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

What is this?

  • Sex: Female
  • Date of Hatching (birthday): 28 April, 2011
  • Date of Release: 22 August, 2011
  • Tracking Tag: Radio tracking
  • Status: Alive, paired with an un-ringed bird. No known breeding attempts. Been in East Anglia since Spring 2015

You can read more about this bird hear

Leather shoes

Last night we had a light fall of snow, although more snow is not forecast for the next few days, temperatures will remain below freezing.

I have not been doing so much this week, but Teres has made Kelly a nice pair of reindeer leather shoes.

She cut out several shapes from the leather, including two reindeer

leather shoes-1

and sewed the parts together

leather shoes-2

to form some really comfortable shoes for Kelly

leather shoes-3

My mum passed away last weekend  and so I will shortly be heading off to England for a couple of weeks, and will be unlikely to be posting here for a while.

Winter isn’t far away now.

No pictures this week I’m afraid and not so much to report.

Temperatures are well below freezing at night and not much above freezing during the day.  There is no snow at the moment but today I have changed the tyres on the car from summer to winter tyres which have metal studs in The treads.

On the 1st December we move to our new house and I have much work to do inside the house before Christmas.

Get the shovel out

I haven’t written for a couple of weeks because I have been to visit my mum and dad as my mum is very ill now (it’s not so easy living hear and having no brothers or sisters to help to care of my parents back in England).

The first snow fell here while I was in England (but has since melted), and temperatures are below freezing at night and not much above freezing during the day, so there is now ice on the lakes.

Yesterday I had a lorry load of……..forgotten the English word for it, but it is called filling if I translate from Swedish.  It is crushed stone (a by-product from the local gold mine)

gravel floor

which I have to now shovel in to the new outbuilding and once I have compressed it down, it will be like concrete.

There have also been some fantastic displays of northern lights recently.  Here are a couple of pictures I took this evening just after it got dark.

northern lights-3 northern lights-2



Finishing touches to out-building

So last weekend I worked on the finishing touches to the out-building.

I have fixed up a metal sill over the sliding door mechanism

door guard

and used camping insulation mat screwed along both the front and back edge of the door to form a wind and snow seal, but the flexibility of the mat still allows the door to opened and closed

door seal

The sills over and under the windows are in place now

window guards

and metal trim around the roof

side view

Inside, I made more shelving;

for tools and equipment


for timber

wood store

for work clothing and spare parts to machinery


and a loft where we can keep skis and larger items


On Sunday I even had time to go and saw up some Birch that I had felled in the spring.

cut birch



Out-building completed

Once the planks were cut to go up on the walls, and delivered

panels on lorry

I could start putting up the first layer

panels going up

with a 75mm gap between each plank.

panels first layer

Then the outer layer was put on, with each plank placed over the 75mm gap (each plank was 125mm wide)


I have also mounted a sliding door on the front

sliding door

and a couple of windows in the sides (these are old windows from the cabin)


Inside I am using all the remaining off-cuts to build shelving


So apart from some fiddly little jobs left to do, the out-building is completed!!