Gradual progress

I’m still not able to do a great deal at the moment because of my back problem, but progress is being made with work on the house.

The bedroom upstairs is now completed

loft conversion-22

Teres’ dad is building a utility room.  This is how it looked before he started.

utility room-4 utility room-3

and this is how it looks now

utility room-2 utility room-1

It just needs to be decorated now.

Emma and Kelly have built a Tengmaml’s Owl/Boreal Owl nest bow using pieces of plywood left over from the utility room build, which Ingvar has mounted on a tree.

tengmalms owl nestbox-2 tengmalms owl nestbox

this is a Tengmalm’s Owl

tengmalms owl-3 (Small)

After my mum past away a few weeks ago, my dad has decided to sell his house and move to Sweden to live with us (he’s 83 years old).

This will be his room and as you can see we have much work to do here also!!





Slow progress

I am still having back problems and so I have to take it easy.  Fortunately Teres’ dad is working here to get some work on the house completed.

Last summer I bought a fly tying kit at a local garage sale and have spent some time experimenting tying flies.
The kit included tools and threads


A variety of feathers and fur


The hook is held in a clamp while the fly is being constructed


It will be interesting to see if any of my designs work this summer.


Loft conversion…slow progress!

The outside temperature during the last couple of days has been around -35 c.

Having now recovered from my cold, I have today hurt my back so progress with the conversion is almost non-existent.

Yesterday I started wiring in lights and sockets and the family helped to put up more panel on the walls

loft conversion-18

I have also put panels around the flue

loft conversion-19

Some of the skirting boards are in place now and the trim around the windows

loft conversion-20

There is still much work to do at the other end of the room though!!

loft conversion-21


Loft conversion continues

Not as much done on the loft conversion as I had anticipated, as I have had “man flu” for several days now!!

loft conversion-14

I have built a wooden frame around the flue that comes up through the new bedroom

loft conversion-15

I have also laid the floor in the new bedroom

loft conversion-16

There is still an awful lot of work to do, so we will see how much more has been done next week.

loft conversion-17


The loft conversion and a quinzee

Last week I spent a day at Solberget Wilderness Village teaching their guests to build a quinzee ( I describe how to build one here;


The heap of snow was left to freeze for 2 hours


Then the quinzee was hollowed out


Once it was hollowed out, there was sufficient room inside to all the children.

Work on the loft conversion also continues…

loft conversion-9

The ceiling is up and all the electric cables to lights and plug sockets are in place, plus the wall dividing the bedroom and play room is now up


the built-in cupboards are also being constructed

loft conversion-13

loft conversion-11 loft conversion-12

I start work again on Monday, so progress will be much slower after that.

Loft conversion week 3

Work has continued on the loft conversion over Christmas, but not as much has been completed as I had hoped.

loft conversion-6

All the insulation is completed now and I have been wiring in lights and sockets.

loft conversion-7

The access holes have insulated doors in place now and just need the fronts fitted to them.

loft conversion-8

Even though the sun is not appearing above the horizon just now, on the 26th there was a really nice dusk sky with mother of pearl clouds.

sunset-1 sunset-2 sunset-3

More next week!!