Air dried minced beef sausage

Last year a friend of mine gave me a dried minced beef sausage that he had made, to carry and eat when out in the forest.  He described how to make it and so I have given it a try.

You need; 2kg minced beef or other minced meat, 1 deciliter salt, two table spoons of sugar, herds and spices to flavour and  3,5cm tubular gauze bandage.

tube bandage

Mix the minced beef, salt and sugar together (these are help preserve the meat) then add herbs and spices to flavour (I have made some with Garlic taste and some with chilli & ginger).

Cut a 30cm long piece of gauze and tie one end.  Spoon the mixture into the gauze until it is full and then tie the other end.  Mark the sausage so that you know which flavour it is.

mince beef sausage

I made an insect proof box to hang the sausages in and they should be left to air-dry here where we live for two weeks.  Mine will be ready just in time for Easter!

drying mince beef sausage

Spring is here

We have had clear blue skies for several days now and the temperature during the middle of the day is getting a few degrees above freezing.

We have a pair of Great Tits building a nest in one of the nest boxes in our garden.

Today in Koskuskulle village there were several small flocks of Snow Buntings flying around

snow bunting-1 (Large)

and this evening there is a Tengmalm’s Owl singing here in Nattavaara.

tengmalms owl-2 (Small)

An eventful visit to England!

Well during my three week visit to England I had planned to do many things and visit many people.  However, the day after we arrived in England both myself and Kelly developed the flu, three days after that I found my mum collapsed in the bedroom and she was taken into hospital, then my dad caught the bug and both him and me developed chest infections and I fractured my ribs AGAIN through coughing! Dad is still not well and mum is currently in a care home, but I had to leave yesterday to return to Sweden.


That’s why there has been nothing written here for almost a month.

Jokkmokks Marknad 2015

Last week was Jokkmokks annual winter market.


The market was smaller this year the traditional craft stools continue to dwindle in number as the number of stools selling sweets incearses.

I spent some time out on a frozen lake watching the reindeer racing.

jokkmokk marknad reindeer race

During one of the races, the reindeer ran into the perimeier fence and then took the fence with it around the whole course

jokkmokk reindeer race

It did not take long to repair the fence, so that races could continue.

jokkmokk reindeer race-2

It just keeps snowing

During the last four days it has snowed continually and over a metre of snow has fallen.  No one can remember so much snow falling in  such a shoer time in living memory.  To give you an idea of how deep the snow is now, I placed Kelly’s pram on an area where snow has been ploughed away and behind you can see where the snow has been left.

deep snowThe snow that has fallen is very powdery making it dificult to walk in snowshoes, skiis or drive a snowmobile.

Ruskovilla merino wool thermals

At some point when I had pneumonia I have coughed so hard that I have fractured two of my ribs!  As a result I still cannot do a great deal at the moment.

My Christrmas present from the children was a new set of Ruskovilla merino wool thermal underwear.  I bought my first set 10 years ago and apart from the colour having faded, they are just as good today as they were when I purchased them.


Ruskovilla is a Finnish company:-

Ruskovilla – ecologically produced clothes and textiles from natural fibres. We are committed to quality in a very deep sense: in all phases of production, from raw materials to the finished product, we take people and environment into consideration.

Ruskovilla, established in 1981, is a pioneer of environmentally friendly  textile manufacture in Finland.

We wish to bring you closer to nature and its authenticity. What engineers attempt to invent  in their laboratories, nature developed thousands of years ago. Nature’s produce and their uniquely suitable qualities cannot be copied.

Natural fibres bring the luxury of feeling good into your life. Clothes against your skin can make you feel either comfortable and pleasant or, for example, chilly and sweaty. The natural fibres – wool and silk – have a unique ability to cooperate with your skin. They breatrhe as your skin does and keep you always nicely warm and comfy. It is important for your skin to breathe well:you are feeling better when it is breathing naturally.

Our choise is an ecologically and ethically more sustainable world, and we are not alone. Numerous energetic people around the world make this same choice every day, the choice for sustainable development, for a healthy planet and mankind.

Although we support nature, we are not opposed to technology. We wish to communicate with you and therefore we are also on the Internet. Please take a look at our pages and send us tour message, feedback or comments. Naturally, you may equally well contact our customer service or retailers. We want to answer any questions you may have.”

“Our wool is ethically produced organic merino wool ( mulesing free ). The wool is produced in South America: Argentina and Uruguay.
There are many aspects included in ecological production e.g. environmental and social factors, which we wish to support by getting our raw material from producers using this method of production.
Ruskovilla organic merino wool is produced according to the criteria of IVN (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e.V.). The yarn is spun by a german spinnery, and it is certified by IMO (Institute for Marketecology).

Dyed wool products

The spinnery uses as few synthetic chemicals as possible for dying woollen yarn. The dying process takes place in closed system with the use of reactive dyes causing the fibres to react completly with the dye and preventing the dyes from running. Therefore, reactive dyes are safer option for garments that are in direct contact with the skin. No crome dyes or heavy metal salts are used in the organic production process. Any harmless auxiliary products that are indispensible in the dyeing process are flushed out in the post-dyeing rinsing process.

Merno wool – an inimitable natural product

– Feels soft, elastic and pleasant
– Lets air through and does not cause perspiration
– Absorbs moisture without feeling wet, warms you even when damp
– Neutralises skin excretions
– Fireproof

The sheep is man’s oldest domestic animal. Its wool has been used for clothing by man for as long as 10,000 years. Scientists around the world are trying to copy the properties of wool with man-made fibres, but without success. Wool is inimitable.

The reasons for the unique characteristics of wool are to be found in its chemical and physical properties: crimp, elasticity and an ability to absorb moisture which cannot be matched.

The crimp derives from the difference in tension between the ortocortex and paracortex of the main tissue. Products made of crimped wool are porous, enhancing thermal insulation.

The crimp also gives the fibres elasticity and resilience. Because of the elasticity, the insulating properties of wool do not fade with time and use. Wool does not crease and quickly returns to shape.

Wool is a warm fibre. After absorbing moisture, chemical reactions take place in its fibres. These reactions release heat and make the fibre feel warm against the skin.

Wool is capable of absorbing up to 35 per cent water without feeling damp.”

Unfortunately there is no UK retailer, but they now have a webshop where you can buy there products.

I have the “Outdoor top and underpants.”

You can read more about the benefits of wearing wool here:-