A day at the cabin

Last Saturday i spent the day at my cabin.  As you can see there is still ice on the lake.

spring at my cabinand there is still a lot of snow on the ground

cabin spring 2015Very similar conditions to when I spent my first spring there in 2008.

I went for a long walk while at the cabin and found a trail of feathers

featherswhich led to the remains of a male Capercaillie

capercaillie remainsI imagine he had been displaying and was unaware of a Fox creeping up on him.  You can see Fox droppings in this picture

fox droppings

I also found some fresh Mink droppings

mink droppings

Black Grouse were also displaying at the cabin

black grouseand there was a hare

hareThe most common birds in the forest just now are Siskin

siskinand Brambling

brambling-1 brambling-2Reindeer are also calving at the moment

reindeer and calfOf course while out walking I made fire, cooked coffee and grilled sausage!

grilling korv

Things are starting to happen

The weather is getting warmer during the day (up to 13 degrees) and so the snow is melting faster.  Summer migrant birds are arriving such as;

Whooper Swan

Whooper swan laplandBrambling

brambling sweden laplandPied Flycatcher

P1000922and Capercaillie display

capercaillie-1 capercaillie-2 capercaillie-3Though I found a nice location to photograph beaver last week

beaver laplandthe rivers and streams are now in flood and so the beaver are more difficult to find.

Felling and splitting birch

During the last few weeks when the weather has permitted, I have been out felling Birch trees.  This is much work during the winter because before you can fell each tree, you have to dig down through at least one metre of snow to reach the bottom of each tree.

20150411_132715Once I had felled several trees, i cut them into desired lengths and loaded on to the snowmobile sledge and transported them home.

20150411_122237Last weekend (with my father-in-laws help) we cut the trees into logs

20150502_131313and I used Ingvar’s electric log splitter to slit the logs to help them dry.  These logs we will use at our cabins.



Reindeer leather backpack

I bought Teres a sewing machine for Christmas that will also sew leather.  I wanted Kelly to have a small backpack she could use to carry nappies and changing equipment, so Teres had a go at making one and the result is very good!

backpack-1The pack is held closed with a piece of Reindeer horn that I made into a toggle.  The inside is drawn closed with a string.

backpack-4The shoulder straps are made from leather and parts from a old rucksack.

backpack-2The straps are attached to a key ring at the top of the pack.


Kelly loves her backpack.


Things are starting to happen

We still have a lot of snow (about 1 metre deep) but as the days get longer and warmer, it gradually melts.  We have been out enjoying the sunshine and the mince beef sausage which is now dry and ready to eat

dried mincebeef sausageBirds such as Whooper Swan, Greenfinch, Snow Bunting and Chaffinch are returning and just now we have an unusual visitor to the garden, a Siberian Nutcracker.

siberian nutcracker-1 siberian nutcracker-2We had one in 2010 that spent the winter here, but they do not breed here.

Easter at the cabin Part 2

Most of the weekend it was cloudy and snowed a lot, but we did get some brief periods of sunshine on Sunday and so Emma and myself joined friends out on the ice to do some ice fishing.

ice fishing lapland

I caught a couple of decent sized Perch

20150405_115327 (845 x 475)

and Emma also caught one.

20150405_165603 (845 x 475)

Emma also boiled and decorated some Easter Eggs

emma painting eggs

emma painting eggs-2

We also spent time around the fire cooking sausage and coffee with Teres’ parents.

anki cooking food (Medium)

Easter at the cabin Part 1

Actually managed to get to the cabin over Easter for four days.

snow mobile

The first job when we arrived was for me to hastily erect a fence around the veranda so that Kelly did not fall off.

20150406_111302 (845 x 475)

When we were going to eat lunch, we realised that we had forgotten to take Kelly’s child stool with us, so I had to quickly construct one using off-cuts of wood and a broom handle.

kelly stool-1 kelly stool-2 kelly stool-3

We did not have enough space to take a push-chair with us, so Kelly travelled around in a pulka

kelly in pulkan-2

and slept in it during the day

kelly in pulkan