The workshop continues to develop

On Sunday the temperature rose 2 degrees above freezing, which is the first time for 19 weeks!

I am continuing to develop my workshop and have now put in a set of draws and some shelving.

workshop shelving

I have also purchased a band-saw and a dust extractor.


I have just completed the first knife in my workshop.  It is a basic knife with a firesteel on the sheath and is reasonably quick to make.  The knife handle is made of Birch, Moose horn and leather.

simple knife and sheath

simple knife


Bunk-bed work-bench

I have been continuing to develop my work-shop and I have completed to transition of the bunk-bed, into a work-bench.  I began by taking the bunk-bed apart and then re-used the various parts to begin constructing the work-bench


The project did not take long to complete


and I am very pleased with the end result.


Hopefully my workshop will be completed next week and I will be writing more.

We currently have 4 Pine Grosbeaks (Pinicola enucleator) feeding in the garden

and today I have been watching Waxwings (Bombycilla garrulus) coming to a small hole in the river ice, to drink.

It should be feeling a bit more like spring now, but night-time temperatures are still below -20 and day-time are only at around -10.  This is the first winter since I moved he, that the temperature has not been above freezing during the whole winter.


New workshop

Since moving house 18 months ago, I have had no workshop where I can sit and make things.  I either work in the garage (where there is not a lot of space) or on the kitchen table.

We have a cabin in the garden where our guests have usually stayed, but now I have decided to convert it to a workshop.

cabin in garden

The cabin looked like this inside

Inside cabin-2 (Large)

and had a bunk bed

inside cabin-1 (Medium)

I have removed the furniture (the bunk bed I plan to make into a workbench), and re-wired the cabin (moving all the sockets to above workbench height).

inside cabin-1

The reindeer skins on the wall hang there just now because I have no where else to store them.  I am going to put a new floor down before I start moving workbenches, machinery and tools in.  I may also put the wood-burning stove back in, but I am not sure about that yet.

It will be at least a couple of weeks before the workshop is completed.  I will write more about, once the work is completed.


Moose meat sausage

Teres’ son has made us a raised fire place for the garden, so even though it was -12 on Saturday, we were out and had a BBQ.

winter bbq

I had to improvise to make a pot-hanger to make coffee.



I have now completed Kelly’s first knife. Of course she wanted it to be pink!

kelly knife

This is the sheath I have made for the knife.

kelly sheath-1

kelly sheath-2

It is that time of year when we hang meat out to dry, to carry with us in the forest.  Last night we minced 4kgs of Moose meat.

mincing moose meat

I have mixed salt, sugar and garlic powder with the meat and made sausages, which I have now hung up to dry for about three weeks.

moose meat sausage

Chocolate raisins and whisky

Last weekend I went to the cabin

travelling to cabin

I was concerned that there might be a large amount of snow on the roof and when I arrived, I was that I was right.

snow on cabin roof

After getting a fire going in the stove, I cleared a path to the wood store

clearing snow to wood store

and then to the toilet.

clearing snow to toilet

I decided to make some lunch before beginning work.  I had with me some sausage, bread, butter, whisky, cheese in  a tube and a packet of hot chocolate + some chocolate raisins.  I also found a tin of frozen Baked Beans in the cabin, so for lunch I had sausage and beans.

food supply

After that, It was time to get up on the roof and start removing the snow.  Fortunately my father-in-law was nearby and called in to say hello and helped with the snow removal.


It took about three hours to remove the snow

snow from roof

To give you an idea of the snow depth, the next-box in this picture cannot be reached during the summer without a ladder!


After my father-in-law had had a coffee, he headed home.  It was starting to get dark, so I kit the oil lamps and started making a leather pouch for my 8×24 Opticron binoculars.  My evening meal to accompany me while working, was chocolate raisins and some whisky.

whisky and chocoöate raisins

By the end of the evening I was a little drunk, but very pleased with my pouch.

leather binocular pouch

The next morning I made Chaga tea and fried sausage and made sausage sandwiches for breakfast.

sausage breakfast

After breakfast I made a pouch to hold my First Aid kit.

first aid pouch-1

For the closer on the pouch I made two holes in the lid and two holes in the front of the pouch and then threaded a match through the holes.

first aid pouch-2

After lunch, I headed home again.


More leather work

Haven’t been able to get out and during the last 10 days because first Emma and now Kelly are sick and I am looking after them.

I have had some time to do some more leather work however.

This is the pouch I made for my Petzl Tikka which also holds three reserve batteries.

I have also made a pouch for my Gerber multitool.

And I have just completed a possibles pouch, which is also large enough to contain my 10×42 binoculars.

It was a lot of work, but I am pleased with the end result.

Jokkmokks Marknad 2018

I visited Jokkmokks Marknad  both on Thursday and Saturday.  While travelling to Jokkmokk on Thursday, a juvenile Sea Eagle flew up from the side of the road.

sea eagle-1

and landed in a tree, but it was a bit too far away to get any decent pictures.

sea eagle-2

There were many people at the market. So many, that it was difficult to take photo’s.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-3

There was a Sámi women was very good at making Birch bark containers.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-1

There is a also a Finnish house building company that has moved to Jokkmokk, and they will be selling timber houses from 2019 and they had a sauna at the market to demonstrate to quality of their work.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-2

I bought a couple of tanned reindeer skins for making coffee bags and a thicker skin (not sure from which animal) for making pouches for my new equipment belt.  The fork in the picture below, I use to make the holes for sewing.

leather pouch-1

I wet mould the leather to achieve the required shape.  I had made a pouch for my Leatherman Wave, a pouch to hold a tobacco tin and one to hold my Petzl Tikka head-torch + three spare batteries in the bottom of the pouch.

leather pouch-2

leather pouch-3