More leather work

Haven’t been able to get out and during the last 10 days because first Emma and now Kelly are sick and I am looking after them.

I have had some time to do some more leather work however.

This is the pouch I made for my Petzl Tikka which also holds three reserve batteries.

I have also made a pouch for my Gerber multitool.

And I have just completed a possibles pouch, which is also large enough to contain my 10×42 binoculars.

It was a lot of work, but I am pleased with the end result.


Jokkmokks Marknad 2018

I visited Jokkmokks Marknad  both on Thursday and Saturday.  While travelling to Jokkmokk on Thursday, a juvenile Sea Eagle flew up from the side of the road.

sea eagle-1

and landed in a tree, but it was a bit too far away to get any decent pictures.

sea eagle-2

There were many people at the market. So many, that it was difficult to take photo’s.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-3

There was a Sámi women was very good at making Birch bark containers.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-1

There is a also a Finnish house building company that has moved to Jokkmokk, and they will be selling timber houses from 2019 and they had a sauna at the market to demonstrate to quality of their work.

jokkmokk marknad 2018-2

I bought a couple of tanned reindeer skins for making coffee bags and a thicker skin (not sure from which animal) for making pouches for my new equipment belt.  The fork in the picture below, I use to make the holes for sewing.

leather pouch-1

I wet mould the leather to achieve the required shape.  I had made a pouch for my Leatherman Wave, a pouch to hold a tobacco tin and one to hold my Petzl Tikka head-torch + three spare batteries in the bottom of the pouch.

leather pouch-2

leather pouch-3


Misty mountain

Kelly has had a cold for the last week, so we haven’t been able to get out and about.

Our neighbour was blowing away the snow from the track to our house, and as the light looked nice, I thought I would take a couple of pictures.

The temperature has been around -20 for the last week, but yesterday the temperature started to rise, and cause a mist.  Dundret; our mountain in Gällivare looked really,

mountain in mist

but by the time I had found a good place to park and take some better pictures, the mountain had unfortunately disappeared!

dundret in mist

At the end of the week, it will be Jokkmokk’s marknad and I will be there on Thursday, so I will write about that next week.

More and more snow…

I did not write anything last week because we had a bad storm for several days and I did not go out.

We did have a nice sunset one evening last week however.

lompolovaara sunset

Last Saturday i ran a knife sharpening workshop for two members of staff from Solberget Wilderness Camp.

knife sharpening

Today myself and Kelly were out and about, made fire, grilled sausage and made hot chocolate (it was -17 degrees).

sausage and hot chocolate

And here is a picture of us travelling 4kms to collect our post.

collecting post lapland

This evening we also had a nice sunset with some fantastic colours, which changed very rapidly.

Tin armbands

I am at home with Kelly at the moment and one project we been working on together is a pair of matching tin armbands.

I am really grateful to my friend Kjell in Jokkmokk, who has made me a leather equipment belt.

There are three clips on leather loops to attach equipment and I am planning to make a pouch for it also.

A new year

I begin the year unemployed again, as a new company has taken over Gällivare Tourist Centre.

At home, I began the new year clearing snow from the roofs of our buildings (the snow was 110cms thick).

110cm snow

We have been out walking and the girls have been practising skiing

I have also been teaching the girls to make a quinzee.

girls making a quinzee

The sun is appearing above the horizon and where we live, it has started shining on the tree tops.

sun on treetops

Last night there was a clear sky and with an almost full moon, it was very bright outside

moonlight in lapland

And here is a picture of the moon from early this morning to end with.

early morning moon

Christmas in Lapland

My cousin came to visit us from England over Christmas.  I collected her from the airport late on the 23rd and her adventure began early next morning with a tour out in the forest with a snowmobile and sled.


She wanted to see Reindeers so after the snowmobile trip, we jumped in the car and went to find some reindeer.


I also drove up the hill in the village to show her the phenomenon of both sunrise and sunset at exactly the same time as the sun appears for only a few minutes just now.

winter sun-lapland

On Christmas day father and mother Christmas came to see us and gave out presents!

father christmas

and then we ate a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner.

swedish christmas dinner

My cousin also wanted to see Northern Lights, and although the forecast was very poor, we did get a good display on Tuesday evening.

She also wanted to see Moose and fortunately, when driving back to the airport yesterday, we saw 13!


Here’s a nice wintery picture to finish with of some Bullfinches sitting in a tree.