A large knife

Here is a larger knife that I have made to order.

ingvars knife (Large)

The blade is 15cms long.  The knife handle is made from pieces Moose antler, Birch bur and Sallow root bur, with sheath leather between each piece.

The sheath is made from Sallow root bur, half-tanned reindeer leather and I have used pieces of Moose antler (glued on both the front and back) to secure the leather to the root bur.

Wood pellets stove

Having a monthly electric bill between £280 – £600, we considered installing a wood burning stove, but instead decided to invest in a wood pellets stove.

wood pellets stove

The pellets are made from sawdust which is a by-product from sawmills and other timber products manufacture.  The sawdust is compressed with high pressure which super heats the material and releases natural glue which holds the pellets together when they cool

wood pellets naturallore

The pellets come in 16kg bags and are easy to store and take up very little space.  A 16ks bag will heat a well insulated house for 2-3 days.

You control the room temperature via a digital control panel on the wall.

pellets stove panel (Medium)

You select the maximum room temperature  (21 degrees C for example) and the stove will turn off when the temperature is reached.  When the room temperature drops by 2 degrees, the stove automatically turns on again.

The heat from the stove is circulated via a fan mounted inside the stove, which can be run from a 12 volt battery during a power cut.